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7 Facts on Lady Gaga's Meat Dress ...

By Aprille

Lady Gaga caused quite a stir with her meat dress during the VMAs at the beginning of September. She stated that it had nothing to do with being disrespectful of vegans or vegetarians. There were many interpretations that came from Lady Gaga about her meat dress. In case you are curious about this outfit, here are 7 facts on Lady Gaga’s meat dress for you to read about.

7 50 Pounds of Meat Were Used

50 Pounds of Meat Were Used Photo Credit: shastadaisy~

I can’t imagine lugging around a 50 pound dress all night long. Lady Gaga’s meat dress required 50 pounds of meat to make it, but it ended up weighing closer to 40 pounds since all the meat wasn’t used. I’m sure the chunks of meat wrapped around her feet for shoes weighed quite a bit too. Maybe that is where the extra meat went, along with the chunk used for her brooch-laden purse.

6 Refrigeration Was Required

Refrigeration Was Required Photo Credit: paul c thomson

The dress had to be kept in a refrigerator while it was being sewn together. It took around two days to complete the dress, but a total of three days to gather all the necessary materials for making the dress in the first place. Supposedly the dress will turn into jerky as it dries out. That’s much better than having it rot away. I wonder if the jerky version will be made into something else later on.

5 There Was a Sweet Smell to It

There Was a Sweet Smell to It Photo Credit: Fax Foods Inc.

Lady Gaga actually confirmed this fact. She said it smelled sweet, which I guess that’s how meat tends to smell when it hasn’t reached the spoiled stage. Some people find that meat smells bad and others think it smells good. Vegetarians tend to be turned off by the smell of meat, whether it’s raw or cooked. I suppose Lady Gaga thought the meat had a sweet smell to it because she is a meat eater herself.

4 The Main Body of the Dress Enclosed a Corset

The Main Body of the Dress Enclosed a Corset Photo Credit: Domain Barnyard

This corset is what held the main portion of the weight. The dress was sewn to the corset and Lady Gaga had to crawl into the corset through the bottom of the dress. There were a few parts that had to be sewn after Lady Gaga had the dress on. In the pictures, the dress looks like it is hanging off of her neck, but the weight is actually evenly spread across her body with the corset.

3 No Specific Pattern Was Followed

No Specific Pattern Was Followed Photo Credit: mortimer?

It’s impossible to lay meat out and cut a dress from a pattern placed onto it. The meat for Lady Gaga’s dress had to be draped and sewn together. Strong string was used to keep the meat in place and it took more than one person to do the sewing. A form was used to sew the meat into a dress shape, in order for it to fit properly on Lady Gaga later on.

2 The Meat Remained Cold Even when Worn

The Meat Remained Cold Even when Worn Photo Credit: gottalittlespacetofill

Lady Gaga stated that the dress never warmed up much. Meat is a cold substance anyways, so it’s understandable how this much meat would remain cold even when it’s worn next to the skin. The corset kept most of the meat off of Lady Gaga’s torso, but the rest of the dress came into contact with her neck, legs, and parts of her back. With no preservatives being added to the meat, it’s probably a good thing that the dress didn’t heat up a bit!

1 The Meat Was Authentic

The Meat Was Authentic Photo Credit: hellaOAKLAND

Not only was the dress made from real meat, but it was fresh meat too. Even though I’m not a hardcore vegetarian or vegan, I still don’t think I could wear a dress of meat. If the meat was fake, I might be able to wear a dress created from it, but the real stuff sort of freaks me out. A butcher in LA supplied the meat for this dress. I wonder if he had to slice each piece a specific thickness or if he simply sliced up random types of meat.

There was a lot more information available besides these 7 facts on Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Thankfully the dress wasn’t so moist that it left a trail of blood as Lady Gaga walked across the stage. Despite comments about there being maggots present on this unique dress, the outfit created a sort of awe in people at the awards ceremony. Would you ever wear a dress made of meat?

Top Photo Credit: Beth77

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