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8 Adorable Michelle Williams Red Carpet Looks ...

By Meream

Michell Williams has been making the rounds lately, promoting her new movie Blue Valentine. I heard it's a wonderful film and I cannot wait to see it. That is, of course, if cinemas in my city bother to show it. If they don't, I'll be unhappy. I'll only have these red carpet photos of Michelle Williams to make me feel slightly better. Take note: not all looks are from Blue Valentine red carpets.

1 Cannes Cutie

Cannes CutieI think this is the look that made me notice her red carpet style. Adorable, isn't it? She wore this to the photocall for Blue Valentine at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The delightful '5os-inspired dress is from Suno. Her hair looks wonderful here, too, doesn't it?

2 White Swan

White SwanThis, in my opinion, is a tad short but phew look at the those shoes! She wore this white Dior dress to the screening of Blue Valentine in New York. Her gorgeous violet pumps are from Charlotte Olympia, by the way. I love how Michelle kept her accessories to a minimum here.

3 Black Bow-Tiful

Black Bow-TifulThis particular look is tricky. I like her hair here and her shoes (another Charlotte Olympia pair) are great, too. I find the bottom part of this Azzaro dress beautiful because I think layers and bows go together... The top part, however, is making her look hmm...frumpy? Or perhaps it's the way she poses. Still, I find the overall look quite cute.

4 Lacy Lovely

Ahh there's her lovely smile. She should smile more often (and pose in a more relaxed manner) on the red carpet. I have to say that the color of her hair here is better than in the previous photo. Also, I like how she paired her Wren skirt with the Nina Ricci top. A great way to make separates look perfect for a formal event.

5 Blazer Beautiful

Too casual for the red carpet? Well, this was Sundance and this was not really a "real" red carpet. It was cold up there, too, so I find her boots appropriate. I had to include this look here because I happen to find it cute. And while I may love her hair now, there are times when I miss her Jen Lindley 'do.

6 Channeling the past

Somebody stop me because I want to rip this vintage-inspired Chanel dress off her. I am aware that it's not everyone's cup of tea but I find it adorable and classy and gorgeous. Black tights and pumps to finish the look? Perfect!

7 Gray Bow-Tiful

Gray Bow-TifulAnother bow-embellished dress that I adore. This gorgeous creation is by Jason Wu. Lucky (and beautiful) Michelle pulled this one off quite gracefully. She wore Louboutin shoes and Bulgari bling.

8 One-Shoulder Goddess

This was taken during one of the premieres for Shutter Island --- that movie she did with Leonardo DiCaprio. (FYI: That movie is great, too). She should most definitely pose this way more often. I like the smile and the relaxed vibe she got going on. The best part of this look, I think, are the shoes. Do you love them or do you love them?

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