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7 Fabulous Johnny Weir Costumes ...

By Lyndsie

Long before I got engaged, I fell in love. With Johnny Weir. No, I am (regrettably -- sorry, peanut!) not engaged to Johnny Weir -- but I did meet him once, and he did that sexy Lecter finger-touch Hannibal shared with Clarice in Silence of the Lambs and -- wait. Not relevant. Anyhow, I am a huge fan of many things Johnny, including his skating, and here are some of my most favorite costumes. Beware -- your temperature might go up a lot.

1 Poker Face

Poker FacePhoto Credit: kings_june

Johnny Weir is the best reason for Lady Gaga to be around. I think she’s spectacular, but I never like her better than when Johnny skates to her music. This costume is so sleek and super hot, it almost makes me spontaneously conceive. He turns this song into poetry.

2 Otonal

OtonalPhoto Credit: violet violence

An oldie but a goodie. Johnny was just beginning to design his own costumes at this stage of his career, but he already showed a serious flare. He hadn’t gotten his proportions down yet, but still, I love him in red. Beautiful, beautiful program as well.

Martina is not Otonal. It's the costume for Rondo Capricci...

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3 Fallen Angels

Fallen AngelsPhoto Credit: Anomalily

This comes from the 2010 Nationals and sparked a lot of controversy. I don’t even care, I just love the sleek lines and fabulous details on this costume. It suits him perfectly and shows off his shoulders and collarbones, which is always a plus. Johnny has exquisite clavicles!

4 The Swan

The SwanPhoto Credit: violet violence

This is one of Johnny’s most iconic costumes, and with good reason. The red glove, by the way, is named Camille. She is Johnny’s swan pal. I advise you to look up full length photos if you’re a fan of this get-up, it’s definitely worth the effort. What a view! Johnny really started refining his sense of style and fashion with this design.

5 Bad Romance

Bad RomancePhoto Credit: barnchristal

Gaga! This performance, by the way, is nothing less than stellar, so run to Youtube! Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I love the way he channels Gaga’s own crazy style but turns it into something refined and elegant -- with plenty of flash too, don’t get me wrong. He looks like a masquerade in this costume, and it just makes me drool.

6 Poker Face, Part Deux

Poker Face, Part DeuxPhoto Credit: violet violence

Oh the pink! This hot little corset was seen during the Olympics -- and don’t even get me started on the Olympics, I just can’t talk about it. Personally, I think this costume alone was worth the gold, not to mention the sinuous skating that went with it, but anyway. I just love all the skin -- and the color scheme really looks good against his complexion.

7 Unchained Melody

Unchained MelodyPhoto Credit: violet violence

One of my favorites, not only because I love “Unchained Melody,” not only because he always skated beautifully to the song, but because the costume itself tells a story. That’s one of my favorite things about Johnny Weir: every costume, every axel, every jump, every spin does more than tell you a story, it takes you into it.

I am an obnoxious fan girl when it comes to Johnny Weir. If he makes the move into fashion, I’ll mourn the loss of his skating but save up my money to buy anything he designs. What kind of outrageous fashion do you like?

Top Photo Credit: MelisGreenhawt

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