7 Reasons Halloween is Better than Christmas ...


7 Reasons Halloween is Better than Christmas ...
7 Reasons Halloween is Better than Christmas ...

I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday! I even love it more than Christmas. Why, you ask? I'll tell you. Here are 7 reasons Halloween is better than Christmas.

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It's Spooky

It's Spooky Photo Credit: StartedByAMouse

I really enjoy the spooky aspect of Halloween. While I think Christmas is beautiful with the lights everywhere, I still can't get over how nice Halloween is. It fits right in with my style. I have always had a "freaky" side and Halloween is the one time of the year when I can let that side out. I love the spookiness that comes along with Halloween.


Christmas is so Commercialized

I am sorry if I offend any of you out there, but I believe that Christmas, over the years, has gotten too commercialized. It seems Christmas is not what it is supposed to be about. It is about spending money and buying gifts. Halloween, on the other hand, is all about fun. What is it with the Christmas stuff coming out already? Halloween hasn't passed yet and I am seeing Christmas stuff on store shelves!


More Depression during Christmas

I believe that there is more depression during Christmas time. Think about this one. How many times have you stressed over the Christmas season? Now, how many times have you stressed over Halloween? Which do you stress over more?


No Wrapping Involved

Do you know what I just realized? With Halloween, you save trees. You do not use wrapping paper only to watch it be ripped open.


Love the Jack-o-Lanterns

Love the Jack-o-Lanterns Photo Credit: Michael Pancier Photography

Oh yeah, you absolutely have to love those jack-o-lanterns! Besides, they are more friendly for the environment. The emblem is a jack-o-lantern, which is going to be harvested either way. An emblem people use during Christmas is a tree and do you know what people do? They chop it down. Tree murderer! I like to keep mine alive, in a pot.


Time to Dress up

Halloween is better than Christmas because you get to dress up. Sure, you can dress up during Christmas time, but if you are not dressing up as an angel, an elf or Santa, a reindeer or any other Christmas emblem, you are going to look out of place.


Horror Movies

Oh yeah! I love Halloween, because of all the horror movies that come on television. Sure, I watch horror movies all year long, but there is just something about being able to watch them curled up on the couch during Halloween time.

So those are my reasons why Halloween is so much better than Christmas. Don't you agree? Which holiday do you like the best, and why?

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