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8 Advantages of Electronic Communication ...

By Alison

Younger readers will probably roll on the floor laughing at this (sorry, ROFL), but I can remember the days before we had computers, email and cellphones. Then came the first cells, which were approximately the size of a brick. I’m not a massive fan of technology, but having seen these inventions become a part of our lives, I can see how many advantages they have. Here are some reasons why I like electronic communications.

1 Convenience

ConveniencePhoto Credit: Gabi~

Do any of us leave the house without our cellphones? With it in our pocket, we can easily get in touch with anyone, or be contactable if necessary. Ever planned to meet up with friends but just can’t find them? A quick call usually sorts that problem out.

2 Economical

EconomicalPhoto Credit: tsmall

It’s very common these days for families to be living some distance apart, or even in other countries. Using internet phones such as Skype can save you a fortune if, like me, you have relatives living abroad.


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3 Environment

EnvironmentPhoto Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

While some people prefer to receive actual birthday cards, I’m happy to receive an email or e-card. The paper version will only be thrown away (or hopefully recycled), so isn’t very environmentally friendly. For me, it’s the thought that is important, and knowing that someone remembered my birthday.

4 Frequency

FrequencyPhoto Credit:Jaako

Some think that email is an inferior method of communication to letters. However, email and cellphone packages offer one major advantage over snail mail - we can be in contact more. So friends and family may hear from you more than was possible years ago.

5 Instant

InstantPhoto Credit: firstindy

Aside from those occasions when an email proceeds at the speed of an arthritic snail, messages are sent instantly. If you’re using an instant messenger service, you can have a ‘real-time’ conversation with someone instead of making an expensive phone call, or waiting for a letter to be answered.

6 Security

SecurityPhoto Credit: Cheo70

In my early years as a driver, breaking down meant a trek to the nearest public phone, and there was no way of informing people if you were stuck in traffic jams and going to arrive late. Now cellphones mean that, as long as you can get a signal, you can call for help from the safety of your car, and tell someone if you’re running late.

7 Contact

ContactPhoto Credit: shastadaisy~

I have family in three countries, and friends from all over the world. With email, social networking and IM I can keep in contact easily with all of them. The only exception to this is my mother, who flatly refuses to become a silver surfer, although with Skype I can call her at a fraction of the price of a normal call.

8 Small World

Small WorldPhoto Credit: Robert S. Donovan

If it wasn’t for the internet, my employment options as a foreigner would be severely limited. With the net, however, I can work with people all over the world and if either party has any queries, we can be in touch instantly. It opens up so many possibilities.

So, you can see that I find many benefits to electronic communication! What do you think – do you prefer the romanticism of letters, or are you firmly in favour of the modern equivalent?

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