7 Reasons I Love EBay ...


7 Reasons I Love EBay ...
7 Reasons I Love EBay ...

I’ve been an eBayer for more than ten years, buying and selling with a perfect rating since 1999. While I think the fee structure to sellers is a little unfair, I still love eBay as a buyer, and I can’t imagine a world without eBay. Why am I such a devoted fan? Here are 7 reasons I love eBay.

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The Bargains

That sterling silver Tiffany Notes ring is $100 in the catalog, but on eBay, it’s up for auction starting at $12. That Victoria’s Secret Pink University of Michigan tee sells in stores for $40, but the opening bid on the exact same one with the tags still attached was less than $2. This is the reason I love eBay the most: the bargains. Oh, the bargains!


The Thrill of the Chase

I admit that sometimes I end up bidding a little more than I wanted to because I was engaged in a friendly bidding war. There’s something very exciting about bidding on an item, and waiting to see if you’ll win. After a while, you adopt a strategy, or bid in some weird amount, or watch as the seconds tick down… it’s fun!


The Hard-to-find

No matter what you’re looking for, from rare coins to children’s clothing, you’ll find it on eBay. That includes hard-to-find and collectible items, too. I can honestly say that there has never been an item I’ve looked for that I haven’t been able to find; remember that you have access to sellers from around the world!


The Abbreviations

HTF, NWT, EUC, BNIB? What does all this mean? Most auction item titles have at least one abbreviation in them, and they’re not always perfectly clear. HTF is hard to find. NWT is new with tags. EUC is excellent used condition. BNIB is brand new in box. It took me a long time to figure some of these out, and now you know. You’re ready to eBay!


The Ability to Give Feedback

I love that you can leave feedback for sellers and for buyers on eBay. If you have a great experience, or a lousy one, you can let other buyers and sellers know. It’s not mandatory to leave feedback, but it’s helpful, unless you’ve had a perfectly average experience, and want to leave feedback for the not-so-perfect, or the stellar, experiences.


The Security

Did you know that if you have a problem on eBay, they have a fantastic system for issue resolution? Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, eBay wants to keep their reputation and integrity intact, so they work hard to make sure everyone’s happy. On the two (of almost a thousand) transactions I’ve needed help with, the response from eBay was fantastic, and the issues were resolved within just a week.


The Ease of Payment

eBay is partnered with PayPal to provide the easiest payments ever on eBay. With a few easy clicks, I can pay for items and I never have to submit m bank or credit card info to the seller. It’s easy, fast, and secure, which is marvelous in this day and age of identity theft, fraud, and endless scams.

Those are a few of the many reasons I adore eBay. Really, my favorite part is the bargain hunting, and the anticipation during bidding wars, but I love the ability to find even the most oddball item. Do you eBay? Why or why not? For which of these reasons do you love to eBay? What’s the coolest or weirdest item you’ve found on eBay? Please share!

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