7 Reasons I Love Contact Lenses ...


7 Reasons I Love Contact Lenses ...
7 Reasons I Love Contact Lenses ...

I started wearing glasses when I was seven, and I’ll never forget the first time I put them on. The trees! They weren’t just green amorphous blobs! They had leaves! My next vision-related epiphany came many years later, the first time I wore contacts. My eyes! They were green! And when I wasn’t wearing my thick, ugly glasses, other people could see them! Since that wonderful day, I’ve worn contacts nearly constantly, and glasses only occasionally. I love my contacts, and here’s why.

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I Can See My Eyes!

I Can See My Eyes! Photo Credit: Netfalls

I hated wearing my glasses because no-one could see my eyes, which are actually quite pretty. Now that I wear contacts, I’m always getting compliments on my bright green eyes.


I Can See, Actually…

I Can See, Actually… Photo Credit: SisterSpeak Online Mag

I feel like I can see better with my contacts in, rather than when I’m wearing my glasses. This is especially true for m peripheral vision. And they don’t get smudged or dirty like glasses, either.


They Come in Cool Colors

They Come in Cool Colors Photo Credit: Finstr

Have you ever wondered how you would look with blue or violet or green eyes instead of brown? I know I’ve always wanted to try violet Elizabeth Taylor eyes for a change, and with special contacts, you can!


The Effects

The Effects Photo Credit: Eyes Bright

My friend Shannon went as a cat for Halloween this year, and she bought these amazing topaz-colored cat-eye contacts to complete her look. They were so realistic, she won the costume contest. There are lots of other special-effect lenses, too, from pure black with no iris color, to red (for vampires or werewolves). Cool!


They’re Convenient Nowadays

They’re Convenient Nowadays Photo Credit: [G]hostdog

My first contact lenses were hard, not soft, and they could only be worn for a few hours at a time. Cleaning them was a chore, and to take them out and put them in required ten minutes and a tiny plunger device. Yikes! Contacts are a lot more convenient these days, and some are disposables that are only meant to be worn one day, then tossed.

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They’re Portable

They’re Portable Photo Credit: whynotjoe

Traveling with glasses isn’t convenient. You have to port along the cases, a cleaner spray, and a non-scratch cloth. With contacts, you just need your tiny case and a tiny bottle of drops, both of which can squeeze into your make-up bag or purse with no hassle.


They Make Them for Almost Everyone

They Make Them for Almost Everyone Photo Credit: mirefugio20

I have a severe astigmatism in one eye, and my mother wears bifocals, but they make contact lenses for both of us! No matter what your prescription or special need, chances are, there’s a contact lens that will work for you.

Top Photo Credit: mexcast

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Can someone PLEASE anawer me??at what age can i wear contact lens since i'm thirteen years old girl??thanks

they surely make me look younger...lol

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