7 Reasons Vampires Rule ...


7 Reasons Vampires Rule ...
7 Reasons Vampires Rule ...

Vampires are hot right now, all over books, TV, and movies, and it’s not hard to see why. They rule! They’re the coolest, sleekest, sexist creatures, and that’s just the start! Here’s my detailed list of the 7 reasons vampires rule!

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They’re Sexy

They’re Sexy Are zombies and vampires all that different? By looking at them, you’d sure think so. The only sexy zombie I know of is Alice from “Resident Evil,” but most vampires, bad or good, are incredibly hot! There’s Deacon Frost in Blade, Damon in “Vampire Diaries,” Spike or Angel in “Buffy,” and Eric in “TrueBlood,” to name a few…


They’re Immortal

They’re Immortal What could be cooler than living forever? Vampires are, by definition, immortal, and aside from an ill-placed stake, splash of holy water, or a run-in with Buffy, a lucky (or careful) vampire can live for a very, very long time.


They’re Totally Bad-ass

They’re Totally Bad-ass Apparently, when you become a vampire, you automatically learn how to fight. You know how to fight with a sword, you know martial arts, and you’re generally a bad-ass. Furthermore, they never get winded or tired, and they never have to sleep! Even if you’re a half-vampire, you’re still pretty tough (just look at Blade!)… yet another reason vampires rule!


They Have the Best Stuff

They Have the Best Stuff Weapons, clothes, jobs, cars, wine, houses — aside from Barbie, no-one has cooler stuff than vampires do! I don’t know how they’re able to afford to buy all of these things (and come to think of it, how does Barbie buy all these things, either?), but you have to admit they really do have the best of everything.


They’re Popular

They’re Popular Everyone, especially pretty, vulnerable high school girls, loves vampires. I’m thinking of Bella and Elena, of course. In fact, the only creatures who don’t seem to like vampires are werewolves and (of course) the unsuspecting prey of vampires.


They’re Smart

They’re Smart Photo Credit: Poems of a selfish record player

With a few exceptions, most vampires are also really, really smart, knowing all kinds of obscure languages and history. I suppose when you live for a few centuries, you pick up a few things, but it always seems like vampires know everything! Then again, remember how smart Giles was in “Buffy”? And he was only human… hmm…


They Don’t Have to Count Calories (LOL!)

They Don’t Have to Count Calories (LOL!) Photo Credit: verdinda

Ah, to be a vampire! To be able to eat (or drink) whatever you want and never have to worry about gaining weight! I mean, really, think about it: have you ever seen an overweight vampire? I’d never stop eating cupcakes…

Those are just a few of the reasons vampires rule, but I’m sure you can think of more to add to my list! Which of these do you agree with, and what did I forget to mention? Why do you think vampires rule? Please let me know!

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I am SO with you! =)

simple.....vampires are YUMMILICIULY SEXY....and aparently they are really goood..if u knw wat i min..

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