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9 Reasons to Adopt a Child ...

By Aprille

Right now, I can think of 9 reasons to adopt a child. There are parents out there who get all depressed because they are not able to have a child. Meanwhile, there is a child sitting there, waiting for them. Waiting for their love. Are you ready for 9 reasons to adopt a child?

9 Tons Need Adopted

Tons Need AdoptedPhoto Credit: Gwen's River City Images

It is true, there are tons of children out there that are in the need of adoption. If you have an open home and are able to take on another child and be responsible, then adopting a child sounds like a great plan.

8 Understanding Other Cultures

Understanding Other CulturesPhoto Credit: Bazstyle | Photography

If you were to adopt a child from another country, then you would gain an understanding of their culture. You will also develop a respect for the country the little one came from.

7 Gain the Love of a Child

Gain the Love of a ChildPhoto Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

When you adopt a child, you are going to be gaining the love from another child. Now, you may not be related by blood, but really, that doesn’t mean much. You can be just as good of a mom and dad, without having to be physically related to one another.

6 Adopted Children

Adopted ChildrenPhoto Credit: bunnyfrogs

Children that are adopted will have access to any medical care that they may need. If they are not adopted, then they may not have access to that medical care.

5 Education

EducationPhoto Credit: crunchcandy

If you were to adopt a child that is from another country, then you will be making sure that they are getting the education they need and deserve. If they are not adopted, then they may not be able to get the proper education and this is no fun.

4 Give a Child a Safe Place

Give a Child a Safe PlacePhoto Credit: SaffyH - Minsmere, Lakenheath, Thetford Forest

If you have extra room in your home, then that could be a safe place for a child that would not normally have a safe place to stay. You will be keeping the child out of harms ways.

3 Desire to Expand the Family

Desire to Expand the FamilyPhoto Credit: Got-U

A big reason as to why individuals adopt children is because they have a desire and a need to expand their family. Again, it does not matter if the child you are adopting is not related to you by blood.

2 Risk of Disease

Risk of DiseasePhoto Credit: chrisdb1

Some individuals adopt children because they have a certain disease or will be labeled a high risk pregnancy. We believe this is a great decision and the child you adopt will be happy.

1 Make a Child Happy

Make a Child HappyPhoto Credit: Little Thoughts

And the number one reason to adopt a child is to make them happy. You will be able to give them a life that they would not normally have if you did not adopt them. Imagine just how happy you will be able to make the child.

Those are 9 reasons to adopt a child. In the end, it does cost money to adopt, but it is well worth the experience the both of you will have. Do you have any other reasons to add to the list?

Top Photo Credit: Gwen's River City Images

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