7 Reasons to Have a Child ...

Thousands of reasons exist for not having a child and tons of ridiculous reasons for having a child are often given to try and even out all the negatives people give. I’ve tried to think of 7 reasons to have a child that don’t include things like; because kids can be claimed on your tax return, you need someone to pass on the family name, or because they smell good. I tried to come up with valid reasons that weren’t cheesy. Keep in mind that this is my list. Everyone has a different opinion on why people should have kids, so feel free to share yours!

7. To Create an Extension of Your Family to Share Your Abundance of Love with

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Whether you are thinking about adopting a child, having one with a partner you love, or deciding to have one on your own, kids are little vessels that need to be filled with lots of love. They are not only a way to extend your family, but they soften the hearts of other family members. I have a couple of family members who were very distant until they had kids of their own. They finally seemed to realize just how important family was once they had children who depended on them.

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