12 Celebrities Helping Usher the Return of the Flare/Bell Bottom Jeans ...

Is it just me or do we get a "flares/bell bottoms are back" type of fashion news every year? Yes, every year! But no matter how loud this bit of news is shouted to the world, skinny jeans still seem to be too big to back down. A shame, really, because I love flare jeans. They make wearing Converse Chuck Taylors easier...Besides, I have seen the few celebrities who have dared to help flare/bell bottom jeans make a comeback and they actually look great. Continue reading to know who these celebs are:

1. Heidi Klum

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Even the supermodel/super businesswoman/supermom thinks bell bottoms should be a fashion staple. I've had a crush on that sheer top ever since I laid eyes on it, by the way.

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