8 Ways to Look Better Naked ...


8 Ways to Look Better Naked ...
8 Ways to Look Better Naked ...

Getting naked is unavoidable. I mean, you wouldn’t really want to wear the same clothes forever, no matter how comfortable they are, or how great you look. So, at one point or another, you’ll have to take your clothes off. And if you are in a relationship, it’ll probably happen even more frequently. Add in skimpy Summer bikinis, and you might feel nearly-naked most of the time...meaning you need to look good! I’ve been working hard, and here are my top tips to looking good naked...

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Drink More

Drink More Photo Credit: Hawee Ta3kees } هاوي تعكيس

This tip is often given, but as well as boosting your health, it really will make you look better. It’ll help to clear up your complexion, minimize bloating and boost your hair and nail health. There are mixed messages on exactly how much we should be drinking, but at least two litres, and make sure you aren’t ever thirsty!


Buy a Dry Brush

Buy a Dry Brush Photo Credit: PinkBow

Make sure that you use a dry brush! As well as helping exfoliation to remove all dry skin cells and make it glow, it also stimulates the skin to make it look radiant, and it boosts circulation. Try doing it a few times a week before your shower...It gives me great glowy skin, which I love!


Get Your Fibre

Get Your Fibre Photo Credit: Philipp Klinger / BACK

Make sure you are getting the right amount of fibre. Not only does this boost your digestive system and prevent block ups and bloating, but it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer, which means you’ll not feel the need to snack and will consume less calories. I’ve been checking the fibre content of everything I eat, and finding this a great excuse to eat wholewheat biscuits!


Stay Away from Salt

Stay Away from Salt Photo Credit: Richard-

Salt causes bloating, which will make you feel unattractive and puffy when you get naked. You need to have a certain amount per day to function correctly, but most foods have enough hidden salt to take you well over this limit, meaning any extra is just bloating you. Try cutting it out, and see if you feel slimmer. If you can’t get the salt you need without adding some, pick the meals carefully so you are wearing loose fitted clothes.


Get Tanned

Get Tanned Photo Credit: marthaaa_

Tans not only boost your spirits but also make you look skinnier! The sun does unrepairable damage to your skin, though, and can make you look like a wrinkly old prune. Grab a fake tan, and give yourself the shade that looks amazing on you. Not only will you look fantastic, but you’ll have healthy, moisturized skin, too!


Look at Your Lighting

Look at Your Lighting Photo Credit: Ben Heine

If there is a room in your house that you never feel good in, or you just have some body issues that even looking amazing can’t help, try changing your lighting. Harsh overhead lights aren’t the most flattering, so think gentle candles, or install a dimmer switch and go for lower lights. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make!


Use Your Hair

Use Your Hair Photo Credit: Caroline Castendijk

Your hair can make a massive difference to how you feel about yourself. If you aren’t feeling great, get your hairdryer out and make yourself feel amazing, or go to a hairdresser and get a new hairstyle. Then, focus on how great your hair looks, and you’ll have the confidence to pull off nakedness!


Use Perfume

Find a perfume which makes you feel sexy, and put it on whenever you take your clothes off. This is another fantastic way to boost your confidence, and make you feel great! You’ll automatically look better if you hold yourself with confidence, and this is my top tip for looking great.

While these tips might not include stomach-reducing crunches or running miles, they are ways to make yourself look much better very soon, without breaking a sweat! And they work fantastically! Have you got a tip that works for you? I’d love to hear your ideas...

Top Photo Credit: Sator Arepo

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This comment is pretty late, but how do you use a dry brush and where do you get it? Please answer. Love the post :)

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