7 Signs of an Ill-fitting Bra ...


7 Signs of an Ill-fitting Bra ...
7 Signs of an Ill-fitting Bra ...

Wearing a bra shouldn't be a huge hassle. Bras have a very simple job to do, but it isn't always easy to find a bra that can handle this job. I know I've tried on bras in the store and thought they were fabulous, only to get them home and realize just how uncomfortable they were when worn all day. In case you are wondering if your bra is actually doing what it's supposed to be doing, the following 7 signs of an ill-fitting bra might be useful.

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You Have Pain While Wearing the Bra

You Have Pain While Wearing the Bra Photo Credit: Mark & Andrea Busse

Not everyone can get away with wearing bras that don't come fitted with underwires. These wires provide extra support and lift, but they can also cause pain. Some women find underwire bras uncomfortable, no matter what. Slight discomfort and pain are two different things. Something that is a bit uncomfortable can be due to the newness of the item. When a bra is downright painful to wear, then it’s time to get a new one.


It's Necessary to Constantly Adjust Yourself

It's Necessary to Constantly Adjust Yourself Photo Credit: Mark & Andrea Busse

I know I have days where my bra seems to always be out of place, but this is often due to my skin being sweaty. When I find myself tugging at the sides of my bra to get the band to stop pinching my skin, or pulling on the front of the bra to put the cup back in the correct place, then I know it’s time to change bras. There’s nothing more distracting than a bra that is always pulling itself out of place.


The Straps Cut into Your Flesh

Photo Credit: www.insidesocal.com

Have you ever taken off your bra at the end of the day and been able to tell exactly where your bra straps were placed? Sometimes this can be adjusted with the small buckles found on most bra straps. If your bra doesn’t have adjustable straps and you notice dark red divots in your skin, your bra might be too small. You shouldn’t have any deep marks on your body from your bra. A light indention is possible, such as what you get when sleeping on a wrinkled pillow case, but that should be all.


Your Skin Bulges out the Sides of the Bra

Your Skin Bulges out the Sides of the Bra Photo Credit: bcgrady1

I’ve had to change my bra because of the material my shirt was made of. Tees made of clingy material or even ones with the slightest bit of spandex in them are very form-fitting, which means your bra needs to fit correctly in order to make the shirt look good. My favorite bra is so old that the material is very soft, but the overall shape of the bra is a bit snug. This tightness of the bra causes it to hug my body so close that I can tell where the bra is located when I wear a clingy shirt. Everywhere my bra squeezes on the sides of my body, a pucker of skin forms. I know that some of this pucker could be gotten rid of if I exercised a bit more, but wearing a bra that fits properly helps immensely!


The Cup Material is Wrinkled

The Cup Material is Wrinkled Photo Credit: Grape Juice Girl

I bought a bra one time just because the material was rather elegant. I tried the bra on and the cup material was a bit wrinkly, but I thought that the bra would fit better once I washed it in warm water. The shrinkage wasn’t enough after washing the bra, so here I was with a beautiful bra that wouldn’t smooth out in the front. I could easily smooth the wrinkles out if I pushed all the excess fabric to one side of the cup, but one quick movement and the wrinkles were back out front for everyone to see.


The Bra Doesn't Stay in Place when You Raise Your Arms

The Bra Doesn't Stay in Place when You Raise Your Arms Photo Credit: pajammy

I’m sure at least one other person knows what I mean by this sign. I remember reaching up to get something off of the top shelf in the kitchen and as I brought my arms back down I realized that my bra had stayed up. Thankfully I was at home when this happened and I was able to readjust myself back into my bra. It was only funny because no one else saw my discomfort. That bra went into the trash after that little episode.


You Don't Feel Comfortable No Matter How Much You Adjust Your Bra

You Don't Feel Comfortable No Matter How Much You Adjust Your Bra Photo Credit: Phoney Nickle

When you seem to be doing a lot of tugging, wiggling, and trying your hardest to make adjustments to your bra for a better fit, this could mean it’s time to toss your current bra in the trash. There’s nothing that makes the day go by slower than an uncomfortable bra. I feel I should be able to put on a bra and not feel its presence the rest of the day.

I’m sure you’ve experienced some of these 7 signs of an ill-fitting bra. A bra can be a help or a hindrance and it may take time to find the perfect one. When trying one on in the store, be sure to twist, raise your arms, and move around to see how it feels before you make that final purchase. Do you have any additional signs to go on this list? What have you found to be the best way to test a new bra to see if it is the right one?

Top Photo Credit: Mr. Deven

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