8 Bikinis for Large Busted Women ...

Mixing and matching can be fun and is very fun in all cases but one – when you’re forced in doing it because you can’t find the matching top. Some ladies even claim there are no nice bikinis for large busted women these days and, trying to find some interesting ones to show you, I had a chance to experience just a tiny piece of their problems. Yes, nice bikinis for large busted women are indeed hard to find but I have managed to run into a few which I would like to share with you today…

1. Freya Polka Dot Bikini Top

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Price: $56.89 at asos.com
This lovely retro bikini top has everything you’ll need to feel both gorgeous and comfy at the beach this year. The cups are just perfect so you can allow yourself to be very active and totally unconcerned about potential boob spillage.

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