8 Best Sports Bras You'll Love ...

Exercise is an essential part of our lives. When we exercise, it is important that our clothes are breathable and comfortable. For us women, it is also important that we have the necessary support for our breasts. A well-fitting sports bra should be part of any woman’s workout attire. Below is a list of eight sports bras that you’ll love. I know that I would definitely love to have them in my own underwear drawer. Please note that I haven’t tried any of these bras, but they are products that have gotten great reviews from other users.

1. Moving Comfort Alexis Sports Bra

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This bra is best for women with A/B cups who do low-impact activities such as yoga, pilates, walking, and cycling. Some women have used this bra for running and found it to have enough support. This product is a compression sports bra, but it also has built-in cups to give small-chested women some shape and a little size boost. It is a comfortable and breathable bra. The racer back design and thin straps allow users to have a greater range of arm movement. A few women mention problems with sizing, strap length, and chafing.

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