7 Gorgeous plus-Size Swimsuits ...

Let’s face it — I’m a stick person. 12-year-old boys have more curves than I do. While I’ve grown comfortable with my body, I still covet the gorgeous curves other women have, and I love that we’re all built differently. Imagine how boring the world would be if every woman was a size 6! One of the best ways to show off womanly curves is in a flattering, pretty swimsuit, no matter where those curves are or how generous they are. Case in point? Here are 7 gorgeous plus-size swimsuits.

1. In a Daze-y One Piece

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Price: $89.99 at modcloth.com
This lovely navy-blue halter swimsuit is scattered all over with tiny white daisies, making this a constant reminder of warmer climes and times, even when you’re swimming in January in an indoor pool. It’s retro-inspired, so run with it, and wear this with a crisp white cover-up and big sunglasses. Choose your size from 16 through 26.

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