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7 Great Work-out Sports Bras ...

By Jennifer

As if it’s not hard enough to be motivated to workout, does it have to be so difficult to find a good bra or top to wear to the gym, too? Some are too long, too short, too clingy, or don’t give enough support. I’ve hunted everywhere for a sports bra that does everything it should, and I’ve finally found a few! Here’s my list of 7 great sports bras for working out…

Table of contents:

  1. under armour stabilty d high impact bra
  2. nike women's pro training bra
  3. under armour mesh bra
  4. nike women's dedication airborne sport bra
  5. new balance tonic crop 3.0 bra
  6. adidas core power bra
  7. nike women's airborne removable pad sports bra

1 Under Armour Stabilty D High Impact Bra

Price: $39.99 at
Choose basic black or white, either way, this sports bra is bound to be a favorite. I love it because of the breathable, comfortable fabric. It wicks moisture away, keeping you dry and comfortable during even your most strenuous workout.

2 Nike Women's Pro Training Bra

Price: $24.99 at
My favorite workout bra had one fatal flaw that designated it to the bottom of the pile after only a few weeks — the seams under the arms chafed. This one by Nike has flat seams, though, to eliminate chafing, and it’s also made of moisture-wicking fabric. It also comes in four colors —black, blue, grey, and red — so there’s a color that will work with the shorts you already have.

3 Under Armour Mesh Bra

Price: $19.99 to $29.99 at
This is the ultimate in breathable workout bras, though it doesn’t offer much in the way of support. It comes in three versatile colors, though, and it superior in comfort because of its mesh, moisture-wicking fabric.

4 Nike Women's Dedication Airborne Sport Bra

Price: $29.98 to $38.00 at
If your workout takes you outside, you’ll need support, comfort, and protection from UV rays. This sports bra offers all three, plus style, all in one. It’s designed for use outside, with breathable fabric inserts and special high-tech fabric. Choose from black, white, turquoise, or blue.

5 New Balance Tonic Crop 3.0 Bra

Price: $24.99 at
New Balance is probably best known for their fantastic running shoes, but they ought to also be popular for this great workout bra. It’s comfortable, made of fabric with moisture wicking to keep you dry, and it’s got a touch of spandex for a great fit.

6 Adidas Core Power Bra

Price: $29.99 at
Moisture-wicking fabric, check. Abbreviated design, check. Reflective detailing for night-time running, check. This is it, then, the perfect sports bra for running or jogging outdoors at night. I love the pale purple color, and the built-in safety feature of the reflective details makes it a must-have!

7 Nike Women's Airborne Removable Pad Sports Bra

Price: $31.98 at
This is my new favorite sports bra, the ultimate in comfort and support! I love the removable cups, which provide a little more modesty than some sports bras, and the fabric is so cool and comfortable … and because it’s made by Nike, you know it’ll last forever!

If you’re having a hard time finding a sports bra that’s right for you, give one of these a try! I love the last one by Nike, and the Under Amour mesh one is great, too! Which of these do you like best, and why? Or is there another sports bra you use for working out that you think is tops? Please let me know!

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