7 Ways to Work out While Traveling ...

By Jennifer

7 Ways to Work out While Traveling ...

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, then chances are, you’ve already worked out a place to, well, work out! But if you travel infrequently, like me, then you might be wondering exactly how you’ll keep your good habit of working out each day. I can help! Here’s my list of 7 ways to work out while traveling.

1 Use the Gym at the Hotel

Use the Gym at the Hotel Photo Credit: Physical Park

Nowadays, most hotels that cater to business travelers have a modern, clean gym their clients can work out in. Most at least have a few elliptical and free weights, and some even offer classes! Check your hotel online before you book your trip and see what they offer.

2 Run or Jog (or Walk)

Run or Jog (or Walk) Photo Credit: xlungex

No matter where you are, there’s probably a street and a sidewalk. Map a rough route, tie on your shoes, and go for a run or a jog, or maybe just a brisk walk. Load your iPod with city-specific music, or leave your headphones off to enjoy the sound of the city you’re visiting.

3 See the Sights

See the Sights Photo Credit: M Bowman

Think about it — if you spend a day at the museums, walking on the beach, or even out shopping, you’ll be spending a lot of time walking, climbing stairs, and more. And that’s all exercise, right?

4 Do Calisthenics in Your Room

Do Calisthenics in Your Room Photo Credit: Kiss the Bride

You can do push-ups, sits-ups, lunges, and squats just about anywhere, and these things together make up a fantastic workout. Make sure you’re keeping your form on target, and so a few sets of each.

5 Join a Gym

Join a Gym Photo Credit: NejroN

If you’re going to be traveling to the same city or area a lot, then it may be worth it to spend money on a nearby gym membership. Or, check with your gym at home and see if they have a branch in the town where you’ll be staying… some do, like Curves for Women!

6 Ask the Concierge

Ask the Concierge Photo Credit: pyl213

If you’re just not sure what your workout options are, ask the traveler’s best friend — the hotel concierge or info desk. Chances are, you won’t be first guest to want to work out, so they’ll be able to make suggestions.

7 Get Creative!

Get Creative! Photo Credit: Kiss the Bride

No matter where you are, there are bound to be yoga studios, kick-boxing centers, or even swimming pools. Choose something new, and give it a try. You might like it enough to add it to your regular workout at home!

See, there are so many ways you can work out while you’re traveling! So there’s no excuse to be a lazy-daisy and stay in your room, watching TV, eating Twinkies, and feeling guilty about skipping your workout. Do you travel a lot? How do you keep to your workout? Please let me know!

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