7 Tips from My Personal Trainer ...


7 Tips from My Personal Trainer ...
7 Tips from My Personal Trainer ...

In the past year, I’ve learned for trust my personal trainer, even though he’s responsible for causing me a great deal of physical pain and exhaustion. His advice is always fantastically useful, and even better, my butt and abs have never looked better. I love nothing more than sharing great butt-and-abs-enhancing tips, so if you’re looking for some advice, or just want to compare notes with what your own trainer’s been telling you, keep reading! Here are 7 tips from my personal trainer.

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How Often to do Cardio

According to my trainer, most adults ought to get about 40 minutes of good, sweaty, heart-thumping cardio at least 4 times a week. Cardio can be anything that gets your heart racing steadily for that entire 40 minutes, including biking, running, jogging, brisk walking, or my favorite, jogging on the elliptical machine.


How Often to do Strength Training

Girls cannot stay fit on cardio along, so my personal trainer has also recommended that I (and other girls) get a good weight training or strength training session in for about 40 minutes 4 times a week (just like with the cardio). This can be done at home in the form on lunges, push-ups, squats, and sit-ups with free weights, or at the gym using their equipment. The cardio is good for your heart; the strength training is good for everything else.


What to Eat

Let’s face it — no matter what Dr. Atkins said, we all need carbs. Fiber is a carb, and without it, our bodies would shut down. Sugar is a carb, and without it, our brains would shut down. So stop being so worried about cutting carbs in general, and look at cutting out the “bad” carbs and empty calories, like the ones in my own Kryptonite, soda.


How to Work Your Muscle Groups

There is no such thing as an exercise that targets just one muscle. If you’re working your abs, you’re working a muscle GROUP, not a MUSCLE. So any diet or exercise regimen that says it’s going to “bust your belly fat” is a big, giant, squishy, nasty LIE.


Core is Vital

As we age especially, one group of muscles will become more and more important: your core. They will help ease or prevent back pain, give you better posture, make you look better in your jeans, and make you feel better in general. If you’re not sure how to work your core, there are countless DVDs available… or you can just Google “core exercises.” My favorites are the BOSU ball crunches and BOSU ball push-ups.


Diet Won’t do It Alone

No matter how much you diet, you’ll never have the body you want if you don’t exercise, too. In my personal trainer’s exact words, you’d just be a sad, stringy, skinny girl. Toning your muscles gives you curves, and nice ones, too. Can you think of anything worse than being a skinny saggy girl?


It’s a Lifestyle

Being fit isn’t just about spending time in the gym, either. It’s about making the right lifestyle choices, including eating right, not smoking, getting enough sleep, and so on. We want to be fit and healthy, and it’s attainable if we make the right choices all day, not just for the hour we’re at the gym.

With advice and tips like these, is it any wonder I adore my personal trainer? Do you have a personal trainer, and if so, what sort of advice has he or she given you? Does it match at all with what my trainer has taught me?

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One thing I learned working with a personal trainer is that no matter how hard he or she works you three to four times a week, it's really up to you to see and feel results. Good lifestyle choices, working out even when you don't have a session and working hard when you do.

On How to do cardio,are there any particular ages for adults where heart thumping cardio will occur?

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