7 Ways to Get Back in the Gym ...


7 Ways to Get Back in the Gym ...
7 Ways to Get Back in the Gym ...

It’s the New Year, and millions of us have made the resolution to go back to the gym. But it’s so hard! The temptation to slack and just stay home is almost insurmountable. How can you go to the gym if you’re busy, or tired, or just plain unmotivated? Here are 7 ways to get back to the gym.

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Find Your Inspiration

Unless you have the right reasons for going back to the gym, and reasonable goals, it’s going to be very difficult to get, and stay, motivated. Do you want to look better in your jeans, be able to keep up with your kids, have a healthy heart? Those are all obtainable, realistic goals, and they’ll all inspire you to go… and to keep going!


Hire a Trainer

A personal trainer has a vested interest in making sure you get into the gym, regardless of how many weeks past New Year’s it is. They want you to succeed, and will do everything they can, everything their training has taught them, to make sure you have the tools you need to get you back in the gym.


Find a Class

This is one of the easiest ways to pique your interest in the gym again — find, and take, one of their classes that you think might be interesting or fun! Gym managers know that the trick isn’t getting people interested, it’s in getting them to stay, so they’re offering lots of fun classes this time of year. Take one, and keep going!


Bring a Buddy

If you have a friend who’s also resolved to get (and stay) fit this year, go to the gym with her. You can motivate each other one those wretched mornings when no-one wants to hit the elliptical. She’ll also help you stay focused, and might even help the time go by faster.


Track Your Progress

One way to encourage yourself to get back into the gym is by looking at the progress you made last year, or have made so far. You’ve already lost 3 pounds in the few days since the New Year? Marvelous! Keep that trend going, and keep your hot body healthy by going to the gym!


Ask around

Maybe the problem isn’t you. Maybe it’s your gym! If it’s too far away, or their hours don’t work for you, or if the staff and other members aren’t your cup of tea, then maybe it’s time to change gyms. Ask your friends and family where they go, and try the gym for a week for free. Don’t feel guilty dumping your old gym either. You need to go to a gym you’ll actually GO to!


Just do It!

Time to be a brutally honest: the best way to get back into the gym is just to GO. Lace up your shoes, grab your bottle of water, and go. Walk in, scan your card, and choose an elliptical machine or treadmill and have at it. Just do it! It will get easier each time you go back. Trust me!

With so many ways to get interested in the gym, and to keep your fitness resolution, there’s no excuse for sitting on the couch another minute! Go get your gym clothes on, grab your iPod, and go, sweetie… it’s time to rock! Have you made a gym resolution this year? How do you plan to get back to the gym and keep it? Please share… we could all use some motivation!

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Great post! Just hit the gym!

Too lazy to join. I love dancing than gymming.

Find a gym class that you like and dress funky. looking nice in the gym mirrors will inspire you hehe. I love all the dance classes and love wearing Gpow Athletics, very cool stuff.

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