7 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Sports Bra ...


7 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Sports Bra ...
7 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Sports Bra ...

Exercise puts impact on various parts of the body. The breasts are the parts of a woman’s body that experiences a lot of stress and impact. A sports bra should be worn during exercise for support and for movement control. A sports bra will also reduce potential damage to the ligaments of the chest. However, for the bra to give all these, it has to have a perfect, or near-perfect, fit. Let the following tips help you in choosing a perfect sports bra.

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Get Your Measurements

I suggest that you forget your current measurements and take a new one. This way you will be more up-to-date. Be sure to take your measurements with your clothes off or with just an unpadded bra. To get your bra size or band measurement, measure around rib cage right beneath your breasts. Make sure that the measuring tape is snug but not too tight. Add 5” to your measurement and round off the sum to the nearest even number. To get your cup size, first measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Round off to the nearest whole number. Second, subtract your bra size from your bust measurement. The difference is your cup size.


When it comes to choosing the perfect sports bra, getting your measurements right is key. It is important to forget your current measurements and take a new one, as this will ensure you are up-to-date. When taking your measurements, it is important to take them with either no clothes on or with just an unpadded bra. To get the right bra size or band measurement, measure around the rib cage directly beneath the breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is snug but not too tight. Once you have the measurement, add 5” to the measurement and round off the sum to the nearest even number.

To get the cup size, measure around the fullest part of the breasts, and round off the number to the nearest whole number. Then, subtract the bra size from the bust measurement. The difference will be your cup size.

When looking for the perfect sports bra, it is important to look for a bra that fits snugly and comfortably. The bra should not be too loose or too tight, and it should not pinch or dig into the skin. Additionally, the straps should be adjustable and should not slip off the shoulders. The band should be snug enough to provide support while still being comfortable.


Find the Right Size

Find the Right Size Photo Credit: pajammy

This takes a little research and trial and error on your part. This is especially true if you are buying the bra online. Sports bra sizes vary among different brands and designs. Some sports bras are true to size. However, some bras will require you to order a larger or smaller size.


The Type of Bra

The Type of Bra Photo Credit: sosij

There are three types of bras. The first is the compression sports bra. This bra is perfect for the small to medium-breasted woman (A-B cup size). The compression sports bra provides support by compressing the breasts flat against the chest (hence the name), thus avoiding bouncing. The second type is the encapsulation sports bra. This is great for women with big breasts (C cup size or bigger). The encapsulation sports bra has two separate cups for the breasts, providing support to eliminate or minimize bouncing and side movement. Lastly, there is the encapsulation-compression sports bra which is a combination of the first two types.


The Activity

The Activity Photo Credit: Sgt. Gooch

Activities are classified as low-impact, medium-impact, or high-impact. This classification refers to the impact an activity puts on your joints and, for women, the breasts. Sports bras are designed according to the support they can give you during different activities. You have to determine the activity you are using the bra for so that you will get the appropriate support.


The Material and Construction

The Material and Construction Photo Credit: aremac

When choosing a perfect sports bra, you must remember to find one that is made from a durable and breathable moisture-wicking material. This is important because it will help keep you cool and comfortable during your workout. With regards to the construction of the bra, make sure that the seams are hidden to avoid chafing. If the seams are exposed, make sure that they are soft. Check for labels and hook-eye closures that can irritate the skin. As for the straps, make sure that they do not slide off or cut into your skin.


Read Reviews

Read Reviews Photo Credit: (Im)possible_Me.

User and professional reviews on sports bras are very important because they let us know how a certain brand and design of bra performs. This will make your job in choosing a bra easier especially if you are buying online or if you are unfamiliar with a brand.


Try It on and Test It

Try It on and Test It Photo Credit: Desirée Delgado

If it is possible, go to a store and try on the bra. This is the best way to find a bra that fits you perfectly. To test the support a sports bra provides, you can perform a jumping test in the fitting room. Jump up and down while wearing the bra and see how well it eliminates or minimizes the bouncing and movement.

I won’t guarantee that you will find a perfect sports bra on the first try. There are so many choices on the market so you really have to do your research. A sports bra does not come cheap so consider this as an investment. But surely, when you find that perfect one, you will feel confident to perform any workout.

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sports bra sizes are not expressed as normal bras.pls i need your help.its been very hard geting a perfect size for my wife. cuold you pls assist.her normal bra size as of today is 36D..what sport size bra can she go for bcos she has to order it online

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