7 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Sports Bra ...

Exercise puts impact on various parts of the body. The breasts are the parts of a woman’s body that experiences a lot of stress and impact. A sports bra should be worn during exercise for support and for movement control. A sports bra will also reduce potential damage to the ligaments of the chest. However, for the bra to give all these, it has to have a perfect, or near-perfect, fit. Let the following tips help you in choosing a perfect sports bra.

1. Get Your Measurements

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I suggest that you forget your current measurements and take a new one. This way you will be more up-to-date. Be sure to take your measurements with your clothes off or with just an unpadded bra. To get your bra size or band measurement, measure around rib cage right beneath your breasts. Make sure that the measuring tape is snug but not too tight. Add 5” to your measurement and round off the sum to the nearest even number. To get your cup size, first measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Round off to the nearest whole number. Second, subtract your bra size from your bust measurement. The difference is your cup size.

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