Find the Right Bra ...


Find the Right Bra ...
Find the Right Bra ...

Do you know that ten of us are wearing the wrong size bra, ladies? And we’ve been hearing people keep asking on the same question, “How to Find The Right Bra,” even having a bra fit by professional may not help at all.

It’s not always the best results when women who have gone to have a sizing done by a professional bra fitter, especially if the fitter is inexperienced or with little training. Your best bet? Grab a handful-no pun intended- of bras in your general size and start trying them on!

Sometimes women rely on those silly little things called tape measures to ‘tell’ them what size they are and keep on stick to it, when in reality, the fit will be different depending on the style, manufacturer and fabric. Charts and measurements ussually come with no help, especially when it comes to larger sizes.

Cups and underwires are the most common problem for finding the right bra.
Cups should fit comfortably, your cup should not runneth over-no bulges from the front or sides; nor should they be baggy.

Underwires should fit under and around the breast, resting comfortably on the ribcage-never on the breast itself and you should be able to raise your arms above your head comfortably, also.

Actually it needs time to find the right fit. Let’s take a Saturday and make it your mission day to find ‘the right bra’. If you need to see a professional, a good fitter will make you feel comfortable and at ease and will explain what she is doing. They will check where the wire, the straps fit and the underband and have the ability to know how to fit you with a bra that is supportive and comfortable with their mathematical formula, not to mention attractive and flattering to your figure.

You don’t have to spend a fortune but every woman needs a few bras of good quality in her drawer. Remember, you won’t have to be one of those 7 out of 10 women walking around doing the bra cha-cha (1, 2, 3-tug and adjust) and you will get what you pay for.

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I had had dozens of bras but there was only one time I got a perfect one - the funniest thing is that it was my first bra I got absolutely accidently together with a girlfriend walking around the local mall - I never managed to find another one like that it's been years!

Finding the right bra is a real pain in the butt - I've got a very small size so buying a new piece of lingerie turns into hell! I wonder if its the same with bigger breasts

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