Figleaves Fixes up


Figleaves Fixes up
Figleaves Fixes up

I blogged recently about how frustratingly impossible it was for people in the UK to place orders on Figleaves' US website. So you can imagine how pleased I was to receive this comment on that post, from Nigel Richards, Figleaves' director of customer operations:

this feedback, the restriction on having to have a US billing and
delivery address to order on the Figleaves US website has now been

This totally calls for some splurging on Figleaves. I'm loving this Elle Macpherson sheer ribbons bra (regularly $55, now $27.50), but it doesn't come in a 38E, so I might spring for this Gossard daisies bra. (One thing I have always loved about the Figleaves sites is that you can search by your bra size, then drill down into brands, style, sheerness, price range, category, etc.)

On a somewhat related note that I've always wondered about: How do you approach the dilemma of matching bras and panties? Some girls I know will only ever wear matched sets purchased together, whereas some are happy to wear a black lacy bra with black cotton knickers, or even (gasp!) a black bra with red panties. People on both sides of this argument seem to feel very strongly that their way is The Only Way, so I'm curious what readers of our blog think, if you're not too bashful too share.

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