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7 Cute Victorias Secret Pajamas ...

By Jennifer

We all know Victoria’s Secret does sexy really well, from tops and pants and dresses to swimwear, and of course, bras and other lingerie! But did you know they also do sleepwear, and that some of their pajamas are downright adorable? Here’s my list of 7 cute Victoria’s Secret pajamas.

Table of contents:

  1. victoria’s secret pink bling sleepshirt
  2. victoria’s secret pink tee & legging sleep set
  3. victoria’s secret sleepshirt with short sleeves
  4. victoria’s secret eyelet gown
  5. victoria’s secret the fireside long jane pajama
  6. victoria’s secret the dreamer flannel pajama
  7. victoria’s secret the pillowtalk tank pajama

1 Victoria’s Secret Pink Bling Sleepshirt

Price: $22.50 at
This over-sized super-comfy sleep shirt says it all, “Party all night, sleep all day.” Well, I can’t think of anything that sounds like more fun, can you? Choose medium or small, and enjoy sleeping all day in the comfy blend of black poly/cotton.

2 Victoria’s Secret Pink Tee & Legging Sleep Set

Price: $34.50 at
Perfect for sleep-overs or for day-time lounging. Choose from four graphic styles and prints, all of which feature a deep vee-neck tee with a graphic on front and soft, contrasting leggings.

3 Victoria’s Secret Sleepshirt with Short Sleeves

Price: $20.00 at
Sleepwear doesn’t get any easier, or prettier, than this! It’s just a short=sleeved, scoop-neck t-shirt, hitting mid thigh. Choose from five designs.

4 Victoria’s Secret Eyelet Gown

Price: $35.00 at
Summery pajamas, all eyelet and cotton and oh-so-pretty! The nightie is pink or white, and crosses at the front empire waist. The straps are adjustable for a perfect fit, and you can choose from whichever of the five sizes fits best, from XS to XL.

5 Victoria’s Secret the Fireside Long Jane Pajama

Price: $49.50 at
Long johns are for boys, but these long Janes are so obviously for girls! They’re cut to flatter, and are so very soft! The designs are also very feminine and sweet, with pairs of polar bears, snowflakes, hearts, stripes, and more! The bottoms have a back pocket, and the front buttons up like a Henley.

6 Victoria’s Secret the Dreamer Flannel Pajama

Price: $49.50 at
24 different designs, all of them cute! These flannel PJs are a dream of plushy softness, with a top that buttons down and bottoms with a comfy elastic waist. Made of imported cotton.

7 Victoria’s Secret the Pillowtalk Tank Pajama

Price: $49.50 at
These are far and away the most comfortable jammies I’ve ever worn. The tank is cool and soft, and the bottoms have a loose drawstring waist. Choose from 12 contrasting designs… myself, I like the “Hop into Bed” design with the sweet bunnies…

I love the possibility of all these cute Victoria’s Secret pajamas…. There’s something for almost any occasion or type of weather! I love the nightie for summer and the tank pet for fall… which of these pajamas do you like best? Please let me know!

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