7 Style Tips for a Large Bustline ...

When you have large breasts, it can be hard to find clothes that fit right. Buttons can bulge over your breasts even if the shirt fits everywhere else. Your cups may runneth over, and there are dozens of reasons you might simply feel uncomfortable. If you have that problem, check out these 7 styling tips for a large bustline; maybe you can find something that will work better for your wardrobe!

1. The Right Bra

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The right bra is incredibly important. Otherwise, your cups will do more than runneth over your bra and out of your shirt. You'll end up with quadri-boob, which is what occurs when your breasts spill out of your bra cups and the cups themselves seem to cut your breasts in half. Whether you prefer a sports bra, a bra with underwire, or even a padded bra, you just need to make sure you actually get your bustline measured, so you can choose an undergarment that really fits.

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