7 Reasons to Love Your Body Just the Way It is ...


In my humble opinion, the media and our culture as a whole poisons us women against our own bodies. We all want to be thinner, taller, younger-looking. But why? Our bodies are amazing, and so what if we don’t all look the same? Here are 7 reasons to love your body just the way it is…

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You’re Your Own Worst Critic

You’re Your Own Worst Critic Photo Credit: Victoria Zeoli

I hate the little roll of fat UNDER the curve of my butt. A friend of mine hates the little flab under her arms. But you know what? I never thought her arms looked flabby and she never noticed that mini-roll under my butt. We notice the things about ourselves, and hate them, but no-one else does. We’re our own worst, harshest critics, for no good reason!


It’s in Your Genes

I get my thighs from my Gran and my flat chest from my mother, just like my green eyes. Some of our physical traits are handed down with our blood types, and are just as impossible to change. But I don’t mind so much anymore… when I see my mother or Gran, do I even care about their thighs? Nope.


It Can do Amazing Things

It Can do Amazing Things Photo Credit: Franca Alejandra

Your body is meant to be round and feminine and soft in some places, because it was designed for bearing and nurturing children. And there is nothing more miraculous or marvelous than that, is there? So enjoy those curves, because that’s a clear indication of how incredibly womanly and feminine you are!


Not Everyone Was Meant to Be a Size 6

Not Everyone Was Meant to Be a Size 6 Photo Credit: vapvarun

Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone looked exactly the same. The same height, the same hair color, and the same size and shape. We’re just not all meant to be the same size, or the same weight. And that’s a good thing, a great thing!


Men Love Everything about Us

Men Love Everything about Us Photo Credit: stephen le

Some men love curvy women, some men love redheads, some men love athletic women, some men love long hair. No matter what you look like, no matter what you love or despise about your body, there are men out there who will love you exactly how you are — bright, kind, and a size ten with blonde highlights and that sweet dimple when you smile!


Our Children Think We’re Gorgeous

Our Children Think We’re Gorgeous Photo Credit: ioannis lelakis (trying to catch up)

No matter what you look like on the outside, your children always see the good in you, and think you’re the most gorgeous woman they’ve ever seen. And how could such a delightful, charming little girl be wrong?


We Can Change Some Things

We Can Change Some Things Photo Credit: Method Fitness

Another glorious thing about our bodies is that there are some things we CAN change. If you think you’d feel better, be healthier, live longer, and be more energetic if you lost ten pounds, then go for it! If you want the sense of accomplishment of running a marathon, then train for it! Push yourself and revel in what your body can do!

See? We may not all look like Marilyn Monroe or Giselle Bündchen, but we’re all gorgeous, amazing women, with beautiful, unique bodies. What’s not to love? What about your body do you love, and why? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep

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Very, very, very well written article Jennifer. You've hit on some points here, which I wish was accessible for a wider audience. It's crazy how we prosecute ourselves because of what seems to be the "in" thing. Great work here Jennifer!

This is a great post! I was just talking with family the other day how we've all got one trait that almost every woman in our family has. Sure, it means we're all a little bigger in the hip area, but that's our family. It took me a while, but I'm quite happy with myself, and so is my boyfriend. He doesn't want me to change anything about myself, ever!

Simply wonderful...now if I only believed you. LOL

I used to think I had to be size 0 because I of the career I want but Marilyn Monroe is my idol! People are still talking about her beauty and she was a size 12 (US) and a size 16 (UK)!!

Thank God I have Everything perfect.............after reading your post only I realized that!;)

Reading this makes me think a lot.. Its helps me realize that i don't have to be perfect for anyone else other then myself... Im currently 5'3 and 127 pounds..being a teenager there's always going to be people and peers pointing out every little flaw making me unhappy with myself and trying to be whats the perfect image for the eyes around me.. Being a Latina/ french female i have curves and thick legs.. i try dropping weight..but the wrong way such as not eating.. i have to love me and stop trying to be something else.

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