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9 Ways to Be Modest and Sexy at the Same Time ...

By Talynn

You don't have to show a lot of skin to be sexy. Being sexy is more than what you're wearing, too! Read on to find out how you can be sexy, and still be modest too!

1 It's How You Carry Yourself

Being sexy is in your walk, in how you handle yourself. Walk with the confidence that says you know who you are, you know you're modest, but hey, you're smokin' hot too! Make plenty of eye contact with your man and let your eyes do the talking for you!

2 It's in the Colors

Wear reds, blacks, and purples. Bold is sexy. Try wearing a black dress with a bold splash of red stilettos, and some bright red lipstick. You'll turn heads, that's for certain!

3 It's in the Hair

Anthropologist Grant McCracken says, "When a woman changes her hair, she can instantly alter the way she's perceived by the world." That's so true. Go into town with a tangles mess on your head, and you'll be looked at as if you have no manners or hygiene at all, even if you just took a shower. Come in with a chic, put-together look, and people will think you're a successful business woman, even if you just work at McDonalds! So, to get people to know you're sexy, wear your hair sexy! Wear your hair full and wavy, but make sure it's soft and not full of hairspray. Men like to be able to run their fingers through it. For more sexy hair tips, go to!

4 It's in the Style

No man is going to think that a granny dress is sexy, but you don't have to wear a Las Vegas Stripper dress either. There's a happy medium that unites modest and sexy together! Choose a dress that shows your neck, and lets your hair softly fall around it. Go with short sleeves or three quarter length, even in the winter - just wear a warm coat! Make sure the bodice is fitted, but not so snug that it enhances any rolls or bulges you might have. And let the length be at the knee. They will appreciate both your sense of style and your ability to be ultra feminine too!

5 It's in the Eyes

Use makeup to enhance your eyes. Smokey eyes are a hot thing right now, and are the perfect finishing touch to your makeup look. Go with bold eyeliner, and dark mascara, to get those "come hither" eyes that draw a man in.

6 It's in the Lips

Forget to scrub the "flakies" off your lips and you can kiss sexy goodbye! Men like luscious, soft lips that are well moistened. Immediately after showering, take a warm, damp washcloth and gently rub your lips. This will take the already moistened dead skin off your lips, leaving you will soft lips ready for gloss. Go ahead and put some Chap Stick on to keep that softness in check until you're ready to apply lipstick. Choose either nude, barely there colors, or dark reds for your color. Pink says "sweet" not "sexy"

7 It's in the Speech

Keep your voice low and sultry, not loud and boisterous. Make eye contact as you talk, and make them watch your mouth!

8 It's in the Undergarments

Not that you have to show them off, but studies show that women that wear sexy underclothes are more likely to feel more confident about their femininity than those that don't. So, splurge on some Victoria's Secret thongs and smile with confidence!

9 Sexy is in You

When it comes down to it, being sexy is all about how you feel about yourself. No matter what you look like, no matter what your size, if you feel comfortable in your own skin, and the man in your life thinks you're beautiful, that is totally sexy and worth being celebrated.

So, what are you waiting for? With these tips to being modest and sexy, I think it's time you start planning a date night for you and your honey! Make sure he always remembers that you can be beautiful and sexy and that you are all his! What do you do to keep the sexy in?

Top Photo Credit: Jef Nagels

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