7 Ways to Incorporate 1960's Fashion into Your Look ...

Every Halloween, someone else attending at least one of the parties I go to dresses like a 1960s hippie. It’s usually a pretty good costume, but I always want to pull that poor soul aside and show them the other aspects of the fashion from that era, the gorgeous colors, the beautiful details… because once I do, I know they’ll want to wear the look themselves! If you agree that there’s more to 60s fashion than fringed hippie stuff, then keep reading! Here are 7 ways to incorporate 1960s fashion into your look.

1. Just Pollen’ around Top

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Price: $39.99 at modcloth.com
This super-soft, 100% cotton strapless top is all details, from its all-over lace bodice to the gorgeous yellow and blue embroidery along the top and at the hem. Wear it all summer with a long peasant skirt or in winter with a denim jacket and corduroy skirt with knee boots.

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