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8 Simple Steps to Tie a Sari ...

By Mercy

The traditional Indian dress, the sari, is considered one of the most elegant, flattering and sexy garments ever known. It is an established fact that saris make women look slimmer and if carried well can add on heaps of class. Finally knowing that it is just a sheet of cloth held together by some tucks can be a sexy thought. Here are 8 simple steps to tie a sari.

1 Pre-drape Prep

Prior to wearing the sari, you need to get into your blouse and underskirt. You also need to wear your shoes as nothing kills a sari than it being too short. Finally it is a good idea to complete your make up, hair and jewelry so that when the sari is draped, you are ready to walk out of the door.

2 Figuring out the Sari

The next step is to figure out this garment. One end, the more elaborate side is called the pallu and the opposite end is where you begin the drape. Secondly the bottom of the sari is the section that contains an added material called the fall. Ensure this is on the inside bottom.

3 Tuck, Wrap and Tuck

Hold the sari in front of you and stand in front of a mirror. Ensure that the sari is just a couple of centimeters above the ground and tuck the other end into your underskirt. Wrap the fabric around your waist, tucking all the while until you get back to where you started.

4 Wrap Again and Toss over Shoulder

Now its time for another wrap. Take the fabric around your body once again, this time not tucking it anywhere. After you finish the turn, throw the rest of the fabric over your shoulder. Adjust the length of the fabric falling over your shoulder such that it doesn’t fall lower than the back of your knees.

5 Prepare the Pleats

Now take all the remaining fabric in front and prepare the pleats. This is perhaps the most technical part of the sari as you need to get the pleats evenly sized and well formed. You can create pleats by folding the fabric with the help of your fore finger and thumb.

6 Tuck and Pin the Pleats

Once you complete making the pleats, it is a good idea to pin them to your underskirt before tucking them into your underskirt. This way they stay exactly the way you folded them and don’t fall down as you walk. One of the main reasons women trip over their sari is loosely falling pleats.

7 Drape the Fabric

It is now time to take off the fabric falling over your shoulder and drape it properly. Once again take it from the front, adjust it around your chest and waist and place it over your shoulder. This step is key for an elegantly draped sari.

8 Final Touches

Now that your sari is draped it is time for some final touches. Check the pleats at the bottom and ensure they are all folded properly and not falling too low. Ensure that the sari is not folded back at any point. Also practice how you plan to carry yourself so that you look your very best.

Sari draping gets better and easier with practice but even first timers rock this look. Hopefully the tips provided above would get you started.

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