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7 Tips for Wearing Brightly Colored Tights ...

By Lyndsie

Along with leggings, bright tights are extremely popular right now. They're vibrant, they're warm, and they can add just the right splash to the perfect outfit. However, they are still hosiery, and thus you have to be careful of certain things when you wear them. These 7 tips for wearing brightly colored tights can help you be a total tight wearing fashionista in no time!

1 Pair Them with Patterns

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Bright tights look great with different patterns. For instance, a pair of red tights can look fantastic with a tartan skirt or a plaid dress. However, even polka dots, pinstripes, and wilder, crazier patterns can look fantastic with the right pair of colored tights. Don't be afraid to experiment!

2 Layer It up

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As I've said before, the layered look is really in right now. Tights are just another way you can rock that particular style, especially if they're vibrantly colored. You don't ever want to wear anything too straight with tights, because you can look a little … well, a little too solid. If you wear too much of one color, or not enough textures, the look can go all wrong.

3 Take It to Work

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Wearing bright tights to work is a great idea – and if you do it right, you don't have to worry about overdoing it. Tights can be brightly colored without being outlandish, after all. What you can do is take a conservative suit and pair it with some colored tights. Teal or a slate grey are two great shades, for instance, and they'll also look professional no matter once.

4 Make It Daytime

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Colored tights don't make the best evening attire. When you're wearing something bright on your legs, it just goes better with daytime and sunshine. If you wear it in the evening, you can end up looking like a club kid on her way to a rave. Of course, if that's where you're going, having at it! Otherwise, keep your bright tights for daytime and switch to darker, more subdued colors in the evening.

5 Choosing Shoes

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You can't get too outlandish with your shoes when wearing tights. Rather than wearing patterned shoes, you should actually stick to a solid color instead. Black always work, but as long as your colored shoes complement your tights and don't make it all too much, then any color should work – just be careful!

6 Tights and Shorts

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This is a bit of a controversial look. It's been around Hollywood a lot lately, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will work for everyone. This can look a little … I'm not going to say trashy, but I always end up thinking of Taylor Momsen and don't know why. However, I've also seen the pairing look spectacular. With that being said, use your best judgment – but don't expect this trend to stick around for too long.

7 Color Coordinate

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I know makeup experts say that your eyeshadow should never match your outfit, and that's cool. However, your outfit can match your tights. Say you're wearing a dress with subtle shades of rose, coral, red, and pink, right? It's perfectly acceptable, then, to find a pair of tights that match the rose shading. In fact, that kind of look can be gorgeous!

I love tights, although I haven't been daring enough to try brightly colored ones yet. I'm mostly all about opaque black tights. Do you like to wear colored tights, or do you keep them neutral?

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