7 Ways to Fashionably Fit in with the 70s Revival ...

Being a child of the' 70s, I am all about the mix of glamour and bohemian. And the popularity of roller skating, of course. Clothing familiar to that era has proven to be so timeless in reference of style that they are being revived for this spring. In fact, I might be in love with that entire decade of fashion regardless of what is considered trendy nowadays. Plus, the movement gives me an excuse to break my vintage Berman’s leather trench out of storage. Bring back the sexy disco days gone by with these seven 70s-inspired style statements:

1. Platforms

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I knew there was a reason I never tossed my platform shoes – it was for this very moment: a time where I could pretend to not look (or sound) clunky and out-of-place while glamming it up in 70s fashion. And not dressing as a Charlie’s Angel for Halloween. I may tower over you – and try not to topple ON to you – but I will look so chic doing so.

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