9 Ways to Be Less Shy and More Confident ...

Gaining confidence isn't something that happens overnight. Some people are just born with an innate confidence that could actually be genetic. And then there are others who grow up in an outgoing family and constantly find themselves in situations where they are the center of attention. I, on the other hand tend to be a shy person usually but I'm working towards becoming more confident in social situations. And here are my top ten ways to be less shy and more confident.

9. Go to Karaoke Night

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Who says karaoke is only for the brave of heart. Even shy people should try this once, no matter how scared you are. It's a lot more fun to go with a group of friends as opposed to with a date, so that you have moral support and so that you are not so conscious. I know a favoritehobby for many of you is singing in the shower so practise practise practise before you make your big debut at the Karaoke machine.

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