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Whatever you look like, you should love your body. Everyone has parts of themselves that they don’t like, but for every one part you dislike, there will be others that look fantastic. Women have attacked themselves for too long and it’s about time we learn to love ourselves! If you haven’t quite managed it yet, here are my favourite ways...

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Cut Yourself Some Slack

Cut Yourself Some Slack Photo Credit: johnblazereport

There is a simple reason that Jen looks this amazing...she has a whole team of people, right from stylists to personal hair dressers who are very well paid, and who spend all of their time focusing on keeping her this way. The same goes for other celebrities. It isn’t fair to judge yourself against them!!


It Isn’t Easy to Lose Weight

It Isn’t Easy to Lose Weight Photo Credit: Jeff__

If it was easy to lose weight, there wouldn’t be a market flooded with products claiming to make it easy and half the population wouldn’t be paying for a gym membership that they never use. Give yourself time, and appreciate the small losses...it won’t all fall off straight away.


Don’t Judge Yourself from Your Weight Loss

Don’t Judge Yourself from Your Weight Loss Photo Credit: lumilon

Don’t judge the success of your workouts or yourself on weight loss, and instead look at the larger picture. You’ll be getting fitter, as well as getting numerous health benefits, so if it has taken a little longer then expected for the scales to reflect a change remember this and don’t give up. Don’t throw away your hard work!


Make Yourself Feel Good

Make Yourself Feel Good Photo Credit: ponte.

Boost your selfconfidence by giving yourself something to look forward too. Whether its having your hair washed or blow dried, having a massage or having a coffeewith your friends, you’ll feel better about yourself afterwards and it’ll spur you on to keep up your regime. Treating yourself is good for you!


Buy Clothes That Fit

Buy Clothes That Fit Photo Credit: Holland Fabric House

Go clothes shopping! Don’t look at sizes, though. Try different sizes on until you get the one that fits you amazingly. Buying something too tight and unflattering won’t make you look great, something a little looser but more suited to your body shape will make you look a million dollars. Go for styles and sizes that fit, not the ones you want to be. It’s hard, but so worth it!
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Stand up Straight

Stand up Straight Photo Credit: lesamonster

Standing up straight can make a huge difference to how you look. Pull your stomach in and hold your head high. Walk tall, and make sure you’ve got a supportive pair of shoes on. You’ll soon get in the habit of your new posture, and it’ll help you lose pounds instantly.


Second Opinion

Second Opinion Photo Credit: eqqman

Ask your partner and friends how they feel about you. You’ll probably discover that your friends are jealous of your toned stomach or amazing legs, and your boyfriend probably hasn’t noticed any of the problems you think you have. Getting a confidence boost from someone else is a great way to stay motivated, and will help you to appreciate your good bits more too.


Remember Everything Your Body Does

Remember Everything Your Body Does Photo Credit: sizeofguam

Make a list of everything your body can do...from giving birth andhaving sex to running, walking anddoing gym classes. Think of it as a finely tuned instrument, rather then an object, and respect what it does do for you every day. Appreciate it!


Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are Photo Credit: lu-d

Remember that you are not your bum, your stomach or your thighs. You aren’t just what you look like. You are you because of the things you know, the things you can do and the things you are. Don’t judge yourself only based on your body, and no one else will either.

It can be really hard to love your body...I’m really hating mine today, but I know that it will pass and instead of attacking myself I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and pamper myself with a luxurious bath later. Have you got a tip for learning to love yourself? I’d love to hear it!

Top Photo Credit: ~*εrin*~

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I love my body :)

hey - I don't mind that you've used my photo, but would have been nice if you'd have asked first! My photos are not creative commons and therefore you need to ask permission even if you're going to link to me. Good article though :)

Regardless the amount of articles like this I can read I will never stop hating my barely-there boobs. It's the most feminine trait in a woman's body and I'm almost flat and can't afford a surgery. I will be unhappy and insecure about them for the rest of my life.

Great Article! I'm going to pass it around :)

Teresa, I'm on the other side of that and let me tell you, nothing makes me feel more unfeminine than having big boobs. Appreciate the size you are, they grew that way for a reason, maybe they suit your body better to be smaller. And you don't have to put up with constant backache! :)

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