7 Best Exercises to Tone Your Legs ...

Is it just me that forgets to work out their legs when it's winter? It just seems so unnecessary when you can cuddle up in jeans or cute pj's and be warm... it means a lot of work in the spring, though, so this year I’ve been prepared! I’ve found seven exercises to tone my legs, and I’ll be adding them to my exercise plan this week. Here they are, so you can do it too!

1. Barbell Lunges

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Photo Credit: JamSki This requiressome weight, so we do it in low reps. Think three or four sets of ten lunges a set, and ten should be making you slightly winded! Don’t forget that it is per leg, so you need to do both or you’ll have uneven muscles... keep your back foot in line, and don’t let your hips flare outwards, or you’ll be toning the wrong muscles. Take your time, so you do it properly!

2. Squats

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Squats are fairly simple, but be careful that you aren’t doing them too fast, as this lessens their effectiveness. Do a few sets of eight repetitions, with light to moderate weight. It shouldn’t be too heavy! Take every fourth week off, to give your muscles a break. These alsotone up your bum, making sure you’ll look excellent in a bikini!

3. Dumbbell Step up

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Photo Credit: cdn.mos.bikeradar.com Using dumbbells during this step up helps to tone your arms too, and the step up itself not only tones your legs but also helps you tone your buttocks. Make sure you keep your steps clean, and do four lots of eight repetitions. Doing too many too fast isn’t effective!

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4. Leg Extensions

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The best thing about this exercise is how simple it is to do it! You can even do it watching the TV. If you can’t afford professional equipment, sit on a box of some type and keep the top of your legs on it. Then, bring the rest of your leg up to straighten it, without lifting your leg off the box. Do this slowly, for maximum training.

5. Leg Kickbacks

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Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping.com Kickbacks are an awesome way tolose leg fat. Lie on your front, with your knees and elbows bent. Slowly bend your leg out into a straight line, while not moving your legs apart... this trains your hamstrings, and is really easy to do no matter where you are.

6. Standing Leg Curl

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Another way tolose leg fat fast is the standing leg curl. Stand with a chair in front of you, holding the back of it. Bend your knee upwards, while keeping your upper leg straight and your hips facing forwards. Do three sets of twenty reps, at a slow speed. This is brilliant at toning the upper and lower legs, and is so easy to do!

7. Calf Raises

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Photo Credit: howstuffworks.com In a standing position, keeping the body straight. Keep your hands at your side and feet five inches apart for balance. Slowly rise up on the balls of your feet and lower again. Try ten or twenty, and see how your feet feel... don’t hurt your toes, though! Leg exercises aren’t the funnest things ever, but they are so worth it for some sexy pins and a gorgeous bum come bikini season! I plan to do at least one of these exercises a day, and hopefully by summer I’ll have the best legs yet. Have you got a leg exercise you swear by, or a tip to make them more effective? Please let me know! Top Photo Credit: NejroN

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