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It’s the middle of winter and baby, it’s cold outside! Time to snuggle up on the couch with your sweetie, and watch TV, right? No way! There are so many other things you could be doing! Watching TV one or two nights a week is okay, but here are some things you can do instead of watching TV for the other stay-at-home nights…

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Call Your Mother/grandmother/sister

Call Your Mother/grandmother/sister Photo Credit: JennKstep

When was the last time you spoke to your mother, your sister, or your grandmother? You know how delighted they would be to talk to you for longer than ten minutes on your drive home. Why not spend the hour chatting with them, rather than watching another re-run of Grey’s Anatomy?


Flip through a Photo Album

Flip through a Photo Album Photo Credit: mrwaterslide

There is probably s giant shoebox filled with loose photos underneath your bed or tucked into a closet somewhere. Why not put them in some kind of order, and load them into a photo album? You’ll be amazed at what you might find (embarrassing photos of your brothers!) and what you might feel obligated to scan and post on Facebook…


Update Your IPod for Tomorrow’s Work-out

Update Your IPod for Tomorrow’s Work-out Photo Credit: AurélienS

I’m always downloading new songs from amazon or iTunes, but they only make it onto my iPod every few weeks. Wouldn’t it be great to make a couple of new work-out playlists, so you can rock out at the gym? Check out fitness.com for a bunch of suggestions, or just pick your own tunes to get your groove on.


Reply to Emails

Reply to Emails Photo Credit: be2blog_es

Do you have a long list of email messages you’ve read, but haven’t had a chance to reply to yet? I know I sure do! Sometimes I just wonder why these friends of mine don’t just send me notes on Facebook, but even those get piled up after a few days. Spend an hour catching up on emails, and make your friends happy, too!


Read a Book!

Read a Book! Photo Credit: Jeniee

In the past six weeks, I’ve bought ten books from the used bookstore that I am just dying to read. Instead of turning on the TV, I’ve been reading them, and it’s so much fun! Read a random book, read the paper, read a magazine, read to your kids. Just read!


Go for a Walk

Even in the dead of winter, an after-dinner walk is a great way to burn some calories and get some fresh air. Bundle up, grab your sweetie or your iPod, and go for a quick walk. After all, that does beat sitting in front of the TV and piling on calories!


Do a Puzzle with Your Kids

When I was little, my mom and dad would buy a new jigsaw puzzle every couple of weeks, and the entire family would put them together after dinner. It was a great way to bond, since all we did was talk. It also helped all of us with our brain function and memory, and to this day, I miss the tradition.


Do a Crossword

Do a Crossword Photo Credit: DuncanC

Have you ever tried to do the New York Times crossword puzzle? On Monday, it’s pretty easy, but it gets progressively more difficult as the week wears on, and by Sunday, I’m usually stumped by almost all of the clues. Instead of watching TV, grab a pencil (not a pen!) and give it a go!


Flip through a Cookbook

I have an entire shelf of cookbooks, sitting there on my bookshelf, collecting dust. Some of them are kitschy old titles I bought because they were fun, others are food memoirs I love for the stories as well as the recipes, and some are just classics (like The Joy of Cooking). Take some time to peruse a cookbook and see if anything piques your interest. If so, tie on an apron and give it a try!


Write a Letter

When was the last time you sat down and wrote an actual letter, not an email? For most of us, it’s been years. Grab a notepad and a pen and write your grandmother a letter, or send a friend a note just to let them know you’re thinking of them instead of watching another wretched season of The Bachelor.

Now that I’ve gotten you started, I’m sure you can come up with dozens of other things you can do rather than watching TV. If you tend to be OCD, like me, that list might include sorting your shoes or DVDs, but if you’re normal, then you might be thinking of things that are a lot more fun and interesting! What do you like to do instead of vegging on the couch? Please let me know… otherwise, I’m off to my closet to re-arrange my winter shoes!

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Turn off the TV??! And.. exercise? Ahh the whole world is telling me to stop being lazy D: I usually blog or chat if I'm not watching TV.

Read a book! OMG if my brother would read this article he will be so nervous. Beside watching TV and play on PC other activities don't exist for him :)

I used to watch TV alll the time but as i got older i started reading and doing other things instead. I'll still watch my favourite 1 hour specials of course, such as desperate houswives (; but i really do enjoy reading and taking the dogs out to play and listening to music while i clean my room.. or even my homework haha (well, maybe i wouldn't go THAT far). My brother should take a look at this, im pretty sure he's allergic to anything besides video games :P

Good tips!! I love having a cup of tea and reading a good book during my free time. A lot of tv is such a waste of time!

All good ideas, but how about compose a new post for a blog, and read your favorite blogs and leave comments!!.....lol

These are cute - good suggestions :) I don't watch much TV, but I always end up wasting time on the internet :(

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