5 St. Patrick's Day Fun Stuff to Check out...


5 St. Patrick's Day Fun Stuff to Check out...
5 St. Patrick's Day Fun Stuff to Check out...

Tell me you don't love these! But if you're going out drinking, make sure that you don't throw up on them or lose them somewhere.

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College Candy to the rescue for St. Paddy's Day proper behavior. Pretty helpful if you plan on going all out this year.


A pretty funny bit about what happens when Jack Skellington drops in on St. Patrick's Day town.


Your Nails Are Looking a Little Green

Green nail polish? Why not?! I love the shade of the 3rd one. Which polish do you like?


What better way to celebrate than make your own St. Paddy's Day party decorations? These ideas are all so great, I'm itching to try them!

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Happy, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Meream! I love the nail polish shades - I've been wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple myself lately...love the title and the color!! :)

I never used green nail polish before hehe

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