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5 St. Patrick's Day Fun Stuff to Check out...

By Meream

1 Green Shoes!

Tell me you don't love these! But if you're going out drinking, make sure that you don't throw up on them or lose them somewhere.

2 What Not to do

College Candy to the rescue for St. Paddy's Day proper behavior. Pretty helpful if you plan on going all out this year.

3 the Nightmare before St. Patrick's Day

A pretty funny bit about what happens when Jack Skellington drops in on St. Patrick's Day town.

4 Your Nails Are Looking a Little Green

Green nail polish? Why not?! I love the shade of the 3rd one. Which polish do you like?

5 St. Patrick's Day Crafts

What better way to celebrate than make your own St. Paddy's Day party decorations? These ideas are all so great, I'm itching to try them!

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