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Any day is a great day to make, craft, create. But a holiday is a great motivation to get your craft on. So I have gathered here great things to make for St. Patrick's Day. Hope these bring you more luck!

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Homemade Leprechaun Spirits This is a fun project brought to us be Design*Sponge. You will need miniature bottles of liquors and these adorable printable alcohol labels. I am loving the vintage-y effect of these labels.


Shamrock Headband Very cute! Too bad I don't have felt in these colors. If you're luckier than me when it comes to felt selection, I suggest that you give this project a go. The most special little girl in your life will love it!


Of course, baked goods are included in this list of great things to make for St. Patrick's Day. Not only will this recipe make your mouth water, you will also be blown away with the gorgeous photos. Don't forget to make the U-shaped melted chocolates. You can't bake lucky vanilla cupcakes without a horseshoe, can't you?


Oh how I love popcorn so! This recipe is making me wish that I have an uncooked pack in my pantry. Alas, I don't so I will just stay here, jealous, while you go on and make your green candied batch.


If you're having a fancy dinner or party come St. Patrick's Day, these place cards are what you need for that, well, St. Patrick's feel. I love the use of actual clover but I must confess that I am crushing on these teeny pots. So cute!


Here is another adorable craft that you can make for your kids. The best part about this project is that it's very easy (even your kids can do it!) and will cost you next to nothing.


Beer Mug Cupcakes

Beer Mug Cupcakes So this recipes gives you fun times in three parts. First, it is in the shape of a beer mug. Second, the cupcake is made of beer. Three, aside from beer, the cupcake is made of chocolate, too. Are you excited yet? Go ahead, get bakin'!


Lucky Me Hanger I had to include this in this list of great things to make for St. Patrick's Day because it looks fun to do. This project involves paint (in lovely colors!), photos of your favorite people, hooks, wooden clips and some ribbons. You will need wooden planks, too.


St. Patrick's Day Pizza Yes, pizza! I got excited just writing that. To give your pizza that Irish feel, you will need spinach. They will look so yummy wilted over the melting cheese once your pizza is done.


St. Patrick's Day Wreath You will need a lot of materials for this project but you will have great rewards. First of all, your St. Patrick's Day wreath will be the definition of AWESOME. Secondly, your base wreath is interchangeable! That's right, you simple remove your green decors and replace them with just about anything you fancy. It can be holiday-related or not, the choice is entirely yours.

Whew! That's a lot of great things to make for St. Patrick's Day with only a day left until the holiday. If you could pick one, which of these will you be making or baking?

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the Leprechaun Beards thing is funny

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