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I can recall the awe I felt when I first came upon a row of craft items that were specifically designed for scrapbooking. I wasn't even familiar with the art of making scrapbooks, so I had no idea what all this amazing stuff was even for. I just remember being fascinated by the never ending assortment of stickers, intricately designed papers, and a plethora of gadgets. Whether scrapbooking is completely new to you or if you've been creating them for decades already, here are 7 cool ideas for your scrapbook endeavors.

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Save Wrappings from Gifts to Make a Scrapbook Devoted to Birthdays

Out of all the birthdays I've seen in my lifetime, I have yet to have multiple birthdays where the wrapping paper has been exactly the same as a previous year's. You could use the best looking pieces of wrapping paper as the backdrop on photos of a particular birthday. Another idea would be to cut a square from each piece of paper and paste these together to form a patchwork design on the page.


Make Your Own 3D Embellishments with Polymer Clay

I love making beads and 3D shapes out of polymer clay. It's so simple to use and kids can even help make things from it without being exposed to nasty toxins. Come up with a design, form it out of clay, bake it, and then use it for your scrap book pages. Combining multiple colors of polymer clay enables you to create some truly remarkable patterns.


Try Using Items Other than Photos to Preserve Memories

Add a lock of hair, a movie ticket stub, a cocktail napkin, etc to a page. Many scrapbooks revolve around an allotment of photographs. Why not mix things up a bit and tie in some mementos that were gathered around the same time certain photos were snapped. You could even make up a scrapbook that doesn't include any photos at all.


Apply Stained Glass Panes to Pages

These panes are fantastic! They add so much color to a page and are available at most stores that carry scrapbooking products. Each pane creates the illusion that the entire page is centered in the middle of a stain glass frame; complete with lead and colored glass. They are absolutely beautiful!


Add Pockets on Pages for a CD or DVD

You can fill an entire scrapbook with photos in no time at all. Why not create a page for a special day and place a pocket for a CD full of pictures from that same day right on the page? Better yet, you could include a DVD with footage from that day. This is an excellent idea for a wedding scrapbook or one that you will give to your child as a graduation present.


Create a More Elegant Look with Embossed Foil

Don't underestimate the power of foil. Add a bit of glamour to your scrapbooking pages with sheets of embossed foil. These can make an eye-catching background or be trimmed to fit around photographs.


Use Quilling for an Artistic Flair on Pages

Although quilling was a popular art form in the 70s, I don't think it has lost any of its appeal. You don't have to stick to the traditional colors or patterns used in the 70s, unless you are creating a vintage scrapbook. Quilling allows you to add 3D spirals, patterns, and designs that will only enhance each page.

I hope these 7 cool ideas for your scrapbook are ones you can use. If not, then maybe I was able to give you some inspiration to come up with an idea of your own. Do you stick to the same type of format for all the scrapbooks you have created?

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