7 Brilliant Scrapbooking Tips ...


7 Brilliant Scrapbooking Tips ...
7 Brilliant Scrapbooking Tips ...

I’ve recently become bitten by the scrapbooking bug, and I’m hopelessly addicted! It goes so seamlessly with my photography hobby… but I had to get some tips before I got too far into it, and according to a few of the lovely ladies at the scrapbooking stores I’ve become a fixture at, here are 7 brilliant scrapbooking tips. I’ve tried them all, followed the rules, and they’re right!

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Get Organized!

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to make pages when your papers, embellishments, and tools aren’t in any kind of order. Worse, it’s much more expensive, since you’ll end up buying things you might already have, and just can’t find! Keep all of your scrapbooking stuff tidy, and you’ll find it much easier to get things done.


Check the Clearance Rack

I’ve become a regular at the clearance and consignment sections at my local scrapbooking shops. There are so many marvelous deals to be had there! Papers, stickers, even tools… all for just a fraction of the price.


Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Before you sit down to start arranging pages or put them together, gather everything you think you might possibly need, plus a cup of tea (or you own beverage of choice) in a spill-proof lidded cup. If you have to keep getting up and down to find tools or embellishments, you’ll get frustrated and waste a lot of time.


Join a League

Did you know that some scrapbooking stores offer league play for their customers? It works a lot like a bowling league: the pages you make while you’re there on league night are scored with points for every element on the page. Double or triple matting, two or more types of ribbon, two or more photos… all of these things help you accrue points, and most of the time, I “bowl” strikes! It’s so much fun… and it’s a great way to get ideas and to really push the creativity of your pages.


Set Time Aside

If you plan to be a serious scrapper, then it’s important to set time to get organized, do some shopping, or make pages at least once every two weeks. Whether you join a league, sign up for a crop at a local store, or just get time away from the kids at the dining room table, set time aside…


Keep up

When you photograph a particular event, try to make a page (or set of pages) as soon as you can after. That way, you won’t fall behind, and all of the details will be fresh in your mind for the journaling aspect of the pages.


If You Fall behind, Work Backwards

If you’ve fallen behind on your scrapbooking, it may seem too daunting to get started again — how will you ever catch up? Trust me, after taking a four-year hiatus, it was a little overwhelming to start o pages for both of my daughters, until a friend made a suggestion to work backwards. Suddenly, it seemed easier, not as impossible, and now I’m well on my way. Try it!

Now that I’m on my way to becoming a bona fide Scrapbook Princess, I’m so glad I had these brilliant scrapbooking tips to help me along. Are you a fellow scrapper? What other tips do you have to share? Please fill me in!

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great tips...i love scrapbooking!

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