10 Fun Father's Day Projects ...


10 Fun Father's Day Projects ...
10 Fun Father's Day Projects ...

They are our protectors and best friends. They kill spiders for us. They give us the biggest hugs. They also always have the right words when you've just had your heart broken. So come Father's Day, make sure that you do something special for them. Here are fun Father's Day projects to inspire you:

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Mustache Mug This is a great alternative to those BEST DAD IN THE WORLD mugs. The great thing about this project is that you can make this for just about anyone in your life. I'm sure girls would love this, too. I suggest making a mug for each member of your family, actually.


Beer and Hot Dog Cookies I am almost 100% certain that your dad (or husband) likes his beer and hot dogs. So why not let him enjoy those but with a sweet twist? What you need is a recipe for cookies with hot dog and beer designs. These will be great hits, I tell you. Aren't they cute?


Apron from a Tote Bag

Apron from a Tote Bag This is one of those fun Father's Day projects that will be perfect for a green dad. An eco-friendly dad, not literally green. You will need a large tote bag to make this apron. You probably have a few lying around; many stores these days give them away. Present it to your dad or husband just before your planned Father's Day barbecue.


Mini Toolbox from Altoid Tins This is another of those fun Father's Day projects following the recycle and repurpose spirit. This will also require you to do a bit of drilling, painting, and hammering. Here's hoping that you listened to your dad or husband when he gave you those lessons.


Necktie Oh how beautiful are these! To be honest, I have never thought about making my father neckties before. How silly, considering that I sew and I have a fabric stash that needs to go on a diet. Check out the link for a downloadable pattern.


Shoe Shine Kit This is one of those projects that will only require you to gather the items needed and present them in a lunch box. Courtesy of Martha Stewart, this is a Father's Day gift that will definitely be used, and appreciated. You can even throw in a shoe cleaning coupon if you're feeling generous.


Belt Rack I know this is a list of fun Father's Day projects but believe me, I am making one for me. This is another idea from Martha Stewart. You will only need a wooden hanger and several hooks to make this rack. Easy-peasy!


Photo Folio This one will bring on the waterworks. So basically, what you do is choose photos that show how wonderful your dad or the father of your kids is. You then craft a photo folio that he can take with him wherever he goes. Make sure that you write how great he is on each photo.


Dad Rocks Paperweight So this is a paperweight that says DAD ROCKS. And the words are spelled using rocks. Very cute, I say. Your kids can help make this for the special man in your life.


Golf Club Cozy Hmmm this is something that I might convince my boyfriend to do for his dad this Father's Day. This is easy to do and you'll be giving new life to an old sweater. Fun!

We hope that these fun Father's Day projects have given you some ideas on how to make your husband or dad feel special on their day. So tell me, what are your plans for Father's Day?

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I love these, esp the mustache mug...I think I might try that for my husband this year!

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