7 Top Blogs on Scrapbooking ...


7 Top Blogs on Scrapbooking ...
7 Top Blogs on Scrapbooking ...

Top Blogs on Scrapbooking are your go-to blogs for creating beautiful pages that show off your most valuable memories. If you love paper crafts or you want to learn how to start making scrapbooks, I suggest that you check out these top blogs on scrapbooking. Not only are these top blogs on scrapbooking chock-full of ideas, they offer freebies, too!

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My Pink Stamper The lady behind My Pink Stamper is Robyn. She is creative and simply fantastic when it comes to creating scrapbooks. She has thousands of followers and I'm sure they will agree with me when I say that hers is one of the top blogs on scrapbooking today. Aside from blog posts on scrapbooking ideas, Robyn also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos and shares even more fun ideas for making your pages.


Robyn's dedication to scrapbooking shines through every tutorial and tip she shares. With her engaging personality and ample creativity, it's no wonder why so many people follow her for inspiration. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned scrapbooker, you'll find her ideas both innovative and accessible. Her blog serves as a treasure trove of resources – from selecting the right materials to crafting a perfect layout – ensuring your scrapbook pages are not only beautiful but also filled with personal touches that tell your story uniquely.


Delicious Scraps Delicious Scraps is most definitely one of the top blogs on scrapbooking today. If you are a first time visitor, I suggest that you check out her layout gallery. It is also a great page for those who are neophytes when it comes to making scrapbooks. Apart from the layout ideas, I'm sure you'll love this blog, too, for the fantastic freebies. Go ahead and bookmark!


above Rubies Studios This is another amazing resource when it comes to making delightful scrapbook pages. This blog is full of great ideas for making your memories stand out. Be sure to browse their site for fabulous tutorials and tips on where to get great deals for craft supplies. They have freebies and giveaways, too, so YAY!


Everyday Cricut Everyday Cricut should be one of the blogs you bookmark if you are interested in scrapbooking and other paper crafts. This blog will give you great ideas for making the most out of your Cricut cartridges. The parts I love, of course, are the scrapbook pages they features. Sometimes, I check out crafting blogs for the photos and try to just soak in ideas; this blog will not disappoint you if you feel the same.


Everyday Cricut is a highly recommended blog for those interested in scrapbooking and paper crafts. It features creative ideas and tips for making the most out of Cricut cartridges. The blog also showcases beautiful scrapbook pages, making it a great source of inspiration for crafting enthusiasts. It has gained popularity among women, as evident from its inclusion in the top 7 blogs on scrapbooking in a women-focused lifestyle blog. With its visually appealing photos and informative content, Everyday Cricut is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their scrapbooking skills.


Life as Lou Life as Lou is by Leah Killian. Hers is one of the top blogs on scrapbooking today for many reasons. One, of course, is her amazing paper crafts. Another reason that I have to mention is that her blog has that personal touch. I love the glimpses into the family life that she writes about. Hers is an inspiring blog, I promise.


Scrap a Little Scrap a Little is Helen's crafty little corner of the world wide web. Hers is a great blog to browse if you want inspirations for wonderful scrapbook pages. From ideas on how to embellish to giveaways to printables, Scrap a Little got you covered.


Paperclipping Paperclipping is not only a blog but also a community of creative people who love to scrapbook. You will need to sign up to enjoy immediate access to tutorials but you don't really have to do that to get inspiration. Read this blog for fabulous ideas on how to make beautiful pages.

I hope that these top blogs on scrapbooking help you in organizing and re-living your memories. Even if you don't want to make scrapbooks, these top blogs on scrapblooking are also wonderful resources for other types of paper crafts.

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Love paperclipping AND their free weekly podcast: Paperclipping Roundtable

I love scrapbooking...Im always searching for the best crafting blogs! Great list! :)

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