7 Things I like to do during the Day ...


7 Things I like to do during the Day ...
7 Things I like to do during the Day ...

There is a big difference between what I like to do and what I have to do, so this list includes 7 things I like to do during the day. If I was able to do whatever I want during the day, then the list below would be very accurate. However, with work, kids, pets, and random unexpected events, my days include more things that have to be done and less that I actually want to do.

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Start the Day with a Good Cup of Coffee

It seems that my day never truly starts until my first cup of coffee. I don't drink the high end espresso stuff or anything like that, so it isn't as if I'm needing a kick-start to get going. It might simply be a mental thing with me. I feel that that first cup of coffee is like the starting gun and it seems to clear my head enough to allow me to put the day's events in order of importance.


Wrap up in a Blanket and Read an Entire Book

I have yet to finish a book all the way through in one sitting in the past 10 years. My son was 6 the last time I read a book from cover to cover all in the same day. I could totally go for a day of reading something that I haven't written myself!


Take the Canoe out for a Spin on the Lake

My husband and I haven't been canoing since the end of last summer. Now that spring is nearly hear and the ice and snow seem to be gone, taking the canoe out on the lake sounds like an excellent way to spend the day.


Go Shopping with My Sisters

If both my sisters lived nearby, we could head out on a shopping extravaganza early in the morning and not come back home until late in the day. Talk about fun! I think the last time we went shopping together, my sisters were still in high school. That's been quite some time ago!


Hang out in the Garden for as Long as I Want

I'm looking forward to a summer filled with gardening, since that's all I think about during the wintertime. I'd love to spend an entire day working outside or maybe just sitting in the garden with a big glass if iced tea and a book.


Watch My Favorite Movie without Interruptions

It never fails, something always happens and I don't get to watch a movie all the way through without stopping it at least 4 times, if not more. There's always an animal or a human who can't seem to function without my attention in some form or another. Someday I'll be able to sit quietly and enjoy an entire movie; someday.


Take a Nap when I Get Tired

I do get to take a nap on occasion, which is very nice when it does happen. I remember being a kid and wondering how adults could possibly want to go to sleep during the day. It wasn't until I became an adult myself that I realized just how good a nap can be!

These are 7 things I like to do during the day when I get a chance. What are some things that you like to do and truly enjoy doing during the day?

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