7 Warm Ways to Spend a Cold Day ...


7 Warm Ways to Spend a Cold Day ...
7 Warm Ways to Spend a Cold Day ...

When the outside world is a bit too cold to bear, you should have a plan to stay warm. Your plan should be enjoyable with a touch of productivity. You may want to invite friends or have a solo day to recharge. Here are just some indoor activities for you to catch up or just try out in these 7 warm ways to spend a cold day:

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Movie Day

Movie Day Photo Credit: nstiles42

Watching movies at home during the day can be a lot of fun. You feel free from routine and work and it can recharge your batteries. Invite friends over or enjoy your alone time to watch favorite movies or never before seen films. Netflix always helps in finding unknown films, documentaries, or my favorite, television show marathons. I once watched 5 seasons of The Office in a week and a half when I was between jobs, and I am not ashamed!



Brunch Photo Credit: Daedalus42

The best way to spend an afternoon is with good friends cooking, eating, and maybe even enjoying a cocktail or two. Brunch is the perfect ‘day-cation’ to free you from your weekly stress and work schedule. My boyfriend and I like to host brunch at our new home. We have great daytime parties with good people and it is always a surprise to see who will show up next.



Photo Credit: ac-ps.com

What better time to clean than when you don’t want to be outside? Get caught up on organizing while you have the time inside to get it done. For me, washing dishes and doing laundry actually help relieve stress. When I clean my closet, it actually becomes a money maker as I sell my unwanted clothes, shoes, and bags to a local resale shop for store credit or cash. This could be a cool incentive to get you to clean your and your other half’s mess more often.



Read Photo Credit: Laura Marianne

I love to read. In fact, I love to read so much that I tend to begin a few books at a time before finishing one. This keeps it interesting as I get to relate to different topics all the time. Whether reading for work, research, or pleasure, reading transports us into thinking analytically as well as emotionally connecting on another level with something outside of ourselves. This is powerful, so don’t take it for granted. Read to escape and read to experience.


Work out

Work out Photo Credit: SyncHealth

What better way to warm up than by working out? You could try yoga, pilates, aerobics, or even one of those fun virtual video games featuring dance moves. Small weights and tennis shoes strengthen your legs while yoga stretches tight muscles. Exercise makes you look good and more importantly, makes you feel good. Now, this is a warm way to spend a cold day, isn't it? :)



Photo Credit: handsoninlandempire.org

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit? Maybe there are photos and notes just waiting for a scrapbook to be made… or perhaps you have clothes that need to be mended and sewn. Basically, if you have the time and need something productive and fun to do indoors, creative projects are a good time. It takes your focus and creativity to produce a piece of art while the project will be a cool piece of yourself to share with others and should make you feel really good.


Coffee Shop

Photo Credit: beetlebung.com

What better warm way to spend a cold day than with a hot coffee, tea, or cocoa? Having a hot beverage in hand can transform you to another place, which helps on snowy days. All activities are enhanced with caffeine and warmth. Coffee shops have the luxury of allowing internet access and a place to read or write outside your home. You may even want to bring a friend or get to run into people you know, creating an impromptu party. Coffee shops are social while allowing you to remain independent.

Whether alone or with a friend, stay warm with these ideas. What are some of your favorite warm ways to spend a cold day?

Top Photo Credit: iamchanelle

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