5 Things to Daydream about ...


5 Things to Daydream about ...
5 Things to Daydream about ...

Hmmm look at this room. This is just one room of a 40-room house in an English countryside. Oh what it must be like to be wealthy beyond your dreams!

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There is only one Grace Jones. FACT. Thinking of being as fierce as she is? Check out these photos from a 2008 editorial she did.


Not all girls know what to do with makeup. If you are one of these girls, you probably often daydream about being a makeup expert. You can be, one day. This video will help you.


Remember that scene in Everything is Illuminated with the field of sunflowers? I'd love to live in a place like that. If you feel the same, here are tips for growing sunflowers.


Colomba Goodness

Have you ever tasted this Easter treat called Colomba? It looks delicious! If you're from New York, you'd want to know where to get this pastry.

Tell us, ladies, what do you often daydream about?

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-the perfect man -a really well done cake or cupcake -a big house with the best decoration etc... that's what I daydream about! I know, most of girls dream about that, but the unique part is that every girl dreams about these very differently (:

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