7 Fun Things to do when You Are III


7 Fun Things to do when You Are III
7 Fun Things to do when You Are III

When you’re ill, either you’re completely out of it and too weak to do anything, or you’re a little under the weather and find yourself getting insanely bored. If you’re going through the second phase, then you’re probably in need of some ideas as to how to pass the time. Here are 7 fun things to do when you are ill.

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Watch a Movie

This is the time to catch up on all the movies and TV shows that you have missed. Most are available online and can be ordered or downloaded directly to your TV or computer. Choose the favorites that you always wanted to watch and sit back with your blanket to enjoy this much needed ‘me’ time.


Browse the Internet

The Internet can be a great way to pass the time. Sit in bed with your laptop and use the time to read up on things that interest you. If you are thinking of redoing your apartment, you can get some excellent ideas. If you are into celebrity gossip, again this is a useful source.


Read a Book

There is no better way to pass the time when you’re sick than reading a good book. The problem most often is finding a good book to read but if you do, then lose yourself in it. As long as you are well enough to read, it is the best thing you can do with your time.


Organize Your Computer

With our hectic schedules, many of us are left with disorganized computers. Use this down time to organize your desktop and sort out your files. You can label and organize your photos, videos, music and other documents exactly like how you want it done so that for the next few weeks, you have a well structured computer.


Catch up on Your Sleep

Thanks to our busy lives, the one thing we mostly sacrifice is our sleep. So what better way to pass the time when you’re ill than to sleep it out? You can find yourself rejuvenated and refreshed after a day of dozing and snoozing without any distractions or disturbances.


Work on Some Puzzles

The daily papers are an excellent source of new crosswords and other puzzles. If you like to tease your brain then this can be fun thing to do to pass the time. The best thing about it is that each one is new and original so you always have something fresh to work on.


Catch up on Your Social Networking

Very often we are unable to check our Facebook and Twitter accounts thanks to work and other obligations. Now that you are at home and in bed, you have an ideal opportunity to catch up on all the latest happenings on your favorite social networking sites and maybe chat with a few old friends.

Being sick and stuck in bed can be quite boring for most people if it is imposed for more than a couple of days. Hopefully you’ll like these 7 fun things to do when you are ill.

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I love reading a book while i'm sick

if watery eyes prevent you from reading, try listening, to an audio version of your favorite book. someone might even pick up a version for you from the library if they have a library card.

Loved this! And I just got sick, so perfect timing. :)

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