7 Fun Activities for Children ...


Are you looking for something to keep the kids entertained? My kids are old enough that they can come up with things to do on their own, which is usually easy since they enjoy hanging out with friends more than anything. If you have little kids who are always saying they are bored or you are looking for something fun that will be new for them to do, then take a look at the following list. Here are 7 fun activities for children that you can do with them. Some are indoors and some are better for outdoors.

7. Bake and Decorate Cookies

A simple sugar cookie dough recipe is actually a form of cheap fun for kids. If you aren't the baking type or can't find a good recipe for sugar cookie dough, there are cookie mixes at the grocery store that only require a couple of eggs, some oil, and a little bit of water. Buy a couple of containers of sprinkles and let the kids have a blast.

Pick out and Plant Seeds
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