30 Things to do This Summer ...


30 Things to do This Summer ...
30 Things to do This Summer ...

Oh yes, winter will eventually come to an end, then we will have spring and then summer. Many people love the summer months, while the rest of them enjoy the summer months for various reasons. There are so many activities that one can do during the summer months. Sure, you may have to deal with the heat and the sun is beaming bright, but it’s all good. Below, I am going to give you 30 things to do this summer. I will admit that this blog posting was originally supposed to be 20 things to do this summer. However, I know of so many different things to do this summer that I just wanted to share with you. So, I don’t mind adding the additional 10 just for you.

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Have a Picnic

Going for a picnic sounds like a lot of fun. Bring your family, friends and your dog if you can.


Make a Scrapbook of Everything You do This Summer

This way, you will always be able to remember all of the fun you had.


Go to the Beach

In Florida, where I live, this is a favorite past time. So, of course, I am going to include the beach on my list.


Write a Poem or Book

This is definitely something I would do.


Camp out

This sounds like some fun, just make sure you stay safe.


Go Backpacking

Going backpacking sounds like a lot of excitement.


Come up with a New Dance

Hey, this is definitely a good one if you enjoy dancing.


Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle

This is great for those rainy days.


Make a Website

This is definitely something I would do.


Make a Blog

Of course, I would do this.


Make a Youtube Video

Yet again, this is something I enjoy doing.


Play Video Games

Playing video games – yes, that is definitely fun!



Perhaps you would like to lose some weight during the summer?


Volunteer Your Services

You could be kind and volunteer your services to a shelter.


Make New Friends

I always liked making new friends as many people tend to move to my area during the summer.


Have Slumber Parties with Your Friends

Slumber parties with friends sound like a lot of fun.


Hang out by a River

I always enjoyed this one.


Learn Another Language

I enjoy learning new languages.


Play in the Rain

Playing and dancing in the rain is always exciting to me.


Learn Some Magic Tricks

If you enjoy magic, then learn some tricks of your own.


Buy a Pool

And hang out in it as much as you can.


Pick Some Flowers and Arrange Them for a Centrepiece

This is always a great choice.


Go Skating

I always enjoyed skating.


Build Something

Perhaps you would like to build something?


Learn How to Play an Instrument

During the summer, you have more time to do things, so learn a musical instrument.


Have a Scavenger Hunt

You and your friends could get together and have a scavenger hunt.


Fall in Love

Oh yes, fall in love. Sometimes, you just can’t help it.


Have a Campfire

Be safe with this one.


Go for Bike Rides

Bike rides down trails in woods is always exciting.


Adopt a New Pet

If you know me, then you knew I was going to put this as number 1. Make sure you will have time after the summer for the new pet though.

Those are 30 things to do this summer. Summer should be a month full of fun and adventure. It isn’t a time where you just sit around your house and do nothing. At least, in my opinion it’s not. These are the months where you can get out and have fun. Whatever you do, make sure you are making good memories. What are your favorite activities to do during the summer?

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