7 Things I Would Love to do ...


7 Things I Would Love to do ...
7 Things I Would Love to do ...

This was a difficult list to make. There are so many things I want to do before I die. This list only includes 7 things I would love to do, but it’s a start! Maybe you’ll write out your own list after reading this. I actually have an ongoing list that I keep. I didn’t take time to write all these down until I watched the movie The Bucket List. I’m sure that movie inspired quite a few people to make a list of their own.

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Go on a Culinary Vacation

I love food and traveling to other countries, so what better way to do both than to go on a culinary adventure around the world. Culinary tours are offered in many countries, but the ones I most want to visit are Italy, Morocco, Spain, and France. I think it would be excellent to learn how to cook traditional meals from each of these countries and enjoy the beautiful scenery of each as well.


Eat in the Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

The name of this underwater eatery is Ithaa, which means ‘pearl’. This restaurant is located 16 feet under water. As people dine in the restaurant, sea creatures can be seen swimming overhead. It’s like a tunnel of water filled with tables and chairs for people to eat at. There is a spiral staircase the leads from a thatched pavilion near the end of a jetty down to the restaurant. If I had 11,710 dollars to spare, I might go for spending the night here as well. The restaurant will close once a week to allow guests willing to spend this steep price to stay the night.


Visit Fiji

I’ve always been in awe of the gorgeous azure water and the light sand of the Fiji islands. When I worked as a travel agent many years ago, I always wanted someone to book a vacation to Fiji so I could get a first-hand account of what it was like. I’ve only been able to see pictures online and drool over the travel magazines that feature information about these gorgeous islands.


Ride the Venice-Simplon Orient Express

Train travel is the most ideal form of transportation, in my opinion. It is slow enough to allow a person to take in a multitude of sights along the way, but faster than a car since there isn’t a lot of traffic to wade through or wrong turns to take. This luxury train goes through London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, and Istanbul.


Swim with Dolphins

I’m sure some people might find this to be a bit cheesy, but I think it would be a blast! Maybe it’s a girl thing. I don’t know. Dolphins are amazing creatures. They are so smart, graceful, and fun-loving! I know there are plenty of places that offer this experience and I wouldn’t even have to fly to another country to do so, but living in the mid-west sort of limits my access to sea water and dolphins in general. Someday though I hope to be in an area where I can swim with the dolphins.


Spend a Night in the Ice Hotel

I’m not sure how I came across the Ice Hotel in the first place. I saw pictures somewhere and immediately thought, ‘I have to go there!’. I’ve been to Norway, so heading to Sweden would mean another Scandinavian country under my belt. Jukkasjärvi is the town in Sweden where the Ice Hotel is built every year. It’s basically a giant art project that is created by different artists each year. The pictures are breathtaking.


Visit Australia

The odd-looking animals were the first thing to draw me towards Australia. There are so many unique creatures found there. Later I learned cultural facts about Australia, was able to see pictures of the land, and even meet some individuals from this fine country. It seems like it would be an amazing place to visit and an experience of a lifetime.

I hope to complete this list of 7 things I would love to do before I reach my elderly years. There are some of them that I’d really like to do while I’m young enough to get around easily. I wouldn’t mind taking my family along as well! What are some things you’d like to do someday?

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Ohhhhhhh........I loved these ideas so much. I am a foodie and want to go for eating all around the world.

I am proud to say that I have swam with the Dolphins :) They're pretty awesome

i live in Australia, everyone should definitely come here one day !

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