5 Fun Things to Check out...

By Meream

5 Fun Things to Check out...

1 Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a Good Sport

Having a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great thing for celebrities. Julia Louis-Dreyfus got hers yesterday but her name was spelled Julia Luis. Can you imagine how embarrassing that is? But she actually found it funny and didn't want the name changed.

2 Cupcake Shaped like Vajayjay

Would you eat these? The colors are kinda funbut I don't think I'll put those inside my mouth.

3 Fashion No-Nos

Even if you look like a smokin' hot Guess model in your wet white tee photo, never ever email it to your boyfriend. You don't know where it might end up.

Delving into the world of Hollywood can sometimes bring with it a host of strong opinions. When it comes to the realm of controversial celebrities, everyone seems to have their own bit to say. Isn't it captivating to see what's behind all the glitz and glamour for these stars?

4 Betty White for SNL

How excited are ya? She will rock the house, I tell you. Here are some video teasers.

5 Personal Style

Here is Natasha Ghosn explaining her personal style. How quirky is she? She sounds like a great girl to shop funstuff with.

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Haha! Betty White for SNL...love it!! :)

Buhahhahha @ the cupcakes! They are not going into my mouth either!

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