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5 Things Lohan to Check out...

By Meream

1 Michael Lohan's Opinion of His Daughter

Well, this is not really heartwarming, what he's saying. He even goes to say that Lindsay will probably go on a binge before going to prison.

2 a Series of Dina-Related Events

This post has a revealing list of things, ridiculous and strange, Dina Lohan has done to and with her daughters over the years. Makes you think that perhaps Lindsay may be helpless after all. Poor kid.

3 How to Deal with Impending Imprisonment the Lindsay Way

You go shopping for frames, of course. Retail therapy always works in times of stress for these celebrities.

4 Lindsay and Her Friends

Kim Kardashian paid a visit to her "good friend" Lindsay to lend her support. How nice, right? This may sound naive but it's nice that Lindsay still has friends.

5 Too Young to Die

Listen to one of the songs that Lindsay recorded. This was done a couple of years ago, it seems. It's about love but the title still sounds ominous, doesn't it?

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